Pretty Girl of the Day, May 20, 2021

Hi, it’s Donna, again, ghost-writing for my good friend Dick Hertz. Today’s pretty girl is one of the girls in my high school CP class. She’s an excellent student, who has learned very quickly the importance of wearing a dress just barely long enough for her to feel decent, but not so long that her lack of underwear is a matter of guesswork.

As everyone associated with the College knows, underwear is prohibited by the Dress Code in order to encourage girls to wear dresses long enough to feel decent. The rationale is that a girl will wear more modest clothing if she is prohibited from wearing anything under it. Naturally, to verify girls are following the rules, public Inspections are carried out, in which a girl is asked to remove her clothing to ensure she isn’t wearing any underwear. Inspections are time consuming and tedious, and although the girls are all keen to follow the rules, some girls even find it unpleasant to remove their clothing in public. For this reason, girls who are obviously following the Dress Code do not need to be Inspected, allowing resources to focus on areas of greatest need.

So it seems the College has unwittingly set in motion a pair of competing incentives. Girls are prohibited from wearing underwear, which incentivizes them to wear longer dresses than they would otherwise wear. On the other hand, girls prefer not to be publicly Inspected, which incentivizes them to wear dresses short enough that their lack of underwear is manifestly evident. Most girls at the College thread this needle very carefully, wearing dresses at leach crotch length to cover their pussies, but no longer than crotch length so a would-be Inspector is easily able to ascertain the girl’s adherence to the Dress Code.

So here is today’s pretty girl. Like I said, she’s a good girl, and she’s learning how to dress properly for the College. Like all the girls in my class, even though she’s in high school, she is following the College Dress Code, so she wears a dress long enough to feel just barely decent, but, unfortunately, it has to be short enough for her pussy to show.

Like I said, she’s a good girl, but even good girls make mistakes, and this girl abused the bathroom privilege one too many times. The standard punishment for this infraction at our high school is to make the girl drink a quart of water, and then sit on a stool in front of the classroom and refrain from urinating until the class is done. It’s a good punishment because it makes the girl uncomfortable, and it’s fun for the students, because there’s always a chance the girl won’t be able to make it to the end of the class period, and she’ll pee herself.

So she drank the water, and sat on the stool while the class watched. She’s wearing a black dress which is a perfect length for her. At first, a casual observer might think such a dress is too short, but consider this: if a girl is not wearing panties, any dress is too short to keep her pussy completely hidden. So why should a girl even try to hide her pussy? When a girl keeps her pussy completely covered, the only thing it gets her is Inspected, which is no fun. So I teach the girls to feel decent if their dress covers most of their abdomen and about half of their pretty little butt. So, in case you were wondering, this girl dresses the way all the girls dress in my CP class.

At first, her need to urinate was not great, so she sat still, like the good girl we all know her to be. She casually rested her hand between her legs, not out of a misplaced sense of modesty, but rather out of boredom. There was at least a half-hour left of the class period, and she had just consumed a huge amount of water, so it was inevitable she would need to pee before the end of the class period. But now she was bored. Like everyone in the classroom, the girl was just waiting for her need to pee to become insurmountable.

One of the nice things about wearing a perfect-length dress is the ability to discreetly masturbate to pass the time. The dress is the perfect length for her to feel decent in public, and her lack of panties afforded easy access.

But as time wore on, she became more and more uncomfortable. You can see it on her face. Soon, the only thing she could think about as she sat on the stool was her need to pee. Although her dress should be long enough for the girl to feel somewhat modest, she is now so focused on keeping herself dry that she has forgotten all about modesty. Even the boys felt sorry for her as she tried to hold it in.

She strained and struggled to hold it in, but it was starting to dawn on the poor girl that she was about to wet herself. This, of course, is the goal of the punishment – not to embarrass or humiliate the girl, but to teach her an important lesson, which is not to abuse the school’s bathroom policy.

Soon, the urge became too great for her to resist. She had to pee, right there and then, in front of everyone! But instead of wetting herself, she was able to relieve herself cleanly, much to everyone’s surprise. What sweet relief!

It turned out that the girl’s dress was the perfect length for urinating in the classroom, much to her satisfaction (and my chagrin).

3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, May 20, 2021

  1. base

    If someone peed on my classroom floor, I’d make them use their clothing to mop up the urine. Then they can decide whether to put back on their clothing and stink all day, or discard the clothing and go naked the rest of the day.

    Teachers, professors, and even janitors ought not have to clean up such a mess. She could have easily squatted over the waste paper bin.

  2. Bobblushing

    I’d love to help out by being right under her to fasten my mouth on her cute little pussy to catch all her pee no matter how sloppy it becomes…while I punch my tiny little balls for the other girls!!


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