Pretty Girl of the Day, March 3rd, 2015

Why should stockings count as a bottom, just because they go over the knees?

As Dean of Students, I hear that complaint a lot. If you’re a girl who feels she should wear stockings or knee socks and some other kind of bottom as well, then you should know we held hearings on the topic last year, and in the end, we ruled that all stockings and socks that go over the knees are “bottoms”, and if they don’t go over the knees, they count as “accessories”. And, of course, you can’t wear two bottoms, so go ahead and wear stockings, but just not with another bottom.


“So does that mean I can’t wear stockings?”

Of course not! Lots of girls wear stockings, and they look great! I realize some of you will stop wearing stockings just because of this classification, but many others will continue to wear stockings, and I’m all in favor of that.


“Can I wear stockings with a dress?”

Since stockings are a “bottom” and you can’t wear a bottom with a dress, the simple answer is no. But I understand why you might ask the question, especially if you’re not wearing a garter belt to hold up your stockings. Imagine a girl wearing a very short dress, and stockings that extend just over her knee. There’s no overlap, so you would think it would be okay, but, sadly, no. Overlap is the main reason you can’t wear two bottoms or a dress-and-bottom, but it’s not the only reason. The main reason is that it wouldn’t be fair to the many girls who wear a dress as their only item of clothing to allow you to wear a dress and any substantial item of clothing as well. And a bottom is sufficiently substantial that wearing it with a dress is just unfair to the other girls.


“How short does my top have to be to wear stockings?”

Ahh, now you’ve raised an interesting question. Of course you can wear a top and a bottom as long as they don’t overlap, so what if your top is long enough to count as a dress? From the previous question, you know you can’t wear a dress and stockings, so your top has to be short enough that no one could possibly think it could count as a dress. Rather arbitrarily, I’ll admit, we’ve decided that a girl’s belly button divides her top from her bottom. Any top that covers a girl’s belly button counts as a dress for the purpose of deciding whether she can wear it with stockings.


“How can you count stockings as a bottom when it doesn’t even cover up my butt?”

He he, lots of bottoms fail to cover your butt, in case you hadn’t noticed. In fact, that’s a feature, not a bug, of many bottoms. Sometimes a girl, especially a freshman, will worry that someone might see her asshole. First you should know most people aren’t even interested in your asshole; they’re much more interested in your pussy. Second, even if your entire butt is in full view, your cheeks keep your asshole nicely covered, except from below. And if the view from below is what you’re worried about, then stockings aren’t your only problem! You should be worried about short skirts and dresses, too. In fact, if you’re worried about someone seeing your asshole or pussy from below, you really need to get over your fear. There isn’t a single girl at the College whose pussy isn’t fully in view. Just stake out any stairwell or water fountain if you think we’re fibbing.


“Why are you making it so hard to wear anything with stockings?”

It’s not that we don’t love you in stockings. We do. But there’s a slippery slope from stockings to  pants, in case you hadn’t noticed. All the little gaps between the garter belt and the stockings could be closed up, and then you’d be wearing pants. Or the stockings could come up higher and higher on each leg until they joined at the top, and became pants. Frankly, you should be lucky we let you wear stockings and a garter, and not count both as bottoms!


Finally, can I just say remind you how gorgeous you look in stockings, even if that’s all you wear? If it’s so hard to wear a top with your stockings, don’t bother! Just relax, and enjoy wearing your stockings!


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