Pretty Girl of the Day, March 15, 2016

We all agreed to play a stripping game, and then go out to dinner. It was supposed to be fun. You know, exciting. There were five of us — two boys and three girls — and we were supposed to play 6 rounds, so that at least one person would lose two items of clothing. We each started with a top and two bottoms. Chances are no one would lose more than one item, but one of us was guaranteed to lose two items, so it was exciting.


I started with a “jeans top” that had a flirty little skirt, and a pair of jeans and a thong. My plan was to lose the jeans first, and then the thong, but to keep the top on, because it was “almost” long enough to be decent.

Okay, maybe “decent” is too strong a word. Sure, there would be no question I was bottomless; the jeans top barely covered any of my butt. And as for my front, well, after I took off my jeans, my friends could all see my thong. The only thing the jeans top covered was the strap of my thong, which made me look even more naked from behind! I was really hoping my friends would each lose an item, and one of them would lose two items, so I could keep my thong and top on.

But on the second draw, I lost again. I stuck to my plan, and took off my thong, and my friends hammed it up, raising a huge ruckus at the sight of my cute little pussy. Still I was prepared to go out wearing just my top, even though my pussy was showing. A deal is a deal, and it was really unlikely that I would lose again, right?


I lost three times in a row!

Well, like I said, a deal is a deal, so I took off my top. Quite frankly, it wasn’t covering much, anyway, so I didn’t really mind as much as I pretended. I started getting my things together, and screwed up my courage to go out. After all, I made this bet, and I was willing to live up to it. If it had been one of the other girls who was naked, I would have made her go out in the altogether, so…

“What?!” I said. They were all laughing.

“We stacked the deck,” one of the boys admitted, still doubled over, laughing.

“Very funny,” I said.

When she stopped laughing, one of the other girls agreed to take off an item of clothing, and let me wear my jeans top, which is what I would have been happy to do in the first place. She was wearing a little skirt with a thong under it, and so she started taking off her thong when I stopped her and asked if I could pick which item she would have to take off. She thought about it for a minute, then reluctantly agreed.

“Your skirt”, I said

“You want me to wear just a top and thong?”

“It’s more than I’ll be wearing!”

“Fine,” she said, removing her skirt.

The other girl offered to take off her top, but one of the boys said she had better keep it on, because the restaurant might require girls to wear a top. Then she blushed and admitted she had forgotten to wear any underwear, so if she took off her jeans she would really be embarrassed. Then I pointed out that I was completely bottomless, so she would be in good company. So she took a deep breath, and removed her jeans. “Now only one of us girls has any kind of bottom at all,” she pointed out, so the girl wearing the thong agreed to take it off, leaving all three of us girls completely bottomless.

We went out and had a great dinner.

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