Pretty Girl of the Day, March 1, 2016

Today’s pretty girl is riding the train to school, looking sharp in a short dress. In fact, like most girls at the College, she’s wearing a cute little top as a dress, because it’s hard to find an actual dress the right length to wear at the College.


As she left home this morning, she got into a bit of an argument with her mom about her dress. You see, her mom thought this dress was a little too short, but what does she know? “Anyone can tell you’re not wearing panties,” said her mom.

“That’s the whole point, mom,” said the girl. Of course, the girl is right. If you had to guess whether she was wearing panties, then her dress would be long enough to cover up a Dress Code Violation, which could very well lead to an Inspection.

“I’m not like some girls who are ashamed to be following the Dress Code,” she said. “I’m proud of not wearing panties, and I’m glad that people can tell I’m a good girl.”

4 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, March 1, 2016

  1. Jasmin

    Once we made a class daytrip by train. Beside myself, Jennifer, Catherine and Laura shared one cabin. On our way back home in the evening, Jennifer felt asleep. First we only joked about it, because Catherine next to her, started gently stroking her legs, without Jennifer being oblivious of it. Because she moved back and forth while sleeping, her dress rode up and bared her crotch. Catherine took laughing the opportunity and let her hand slide up and caress the naked pussy. She worked for a long time, till the door got open and our class teacher , Mrs. Robertson came in to check if everything was okay. At once she noticed what was going on and asked Catherine, if her efforts were crowned with success. My classmate didn’t have any bad in her mind and answered truly laughing: “I hope so.” Our teacher joined in laughing and left, but returned quickly, together with Brian, the best pupil in class. She pointed to Jennifer: “I guess, she is really excited. Would you check it out.” The boy, grinning stepped close to Jennifer, rubbed across her pussy and confirmed the teachers suspicion. Maybe of the loud talking, Jennifer awoke, finding herself half naked and fondled by the boy. She tried to raise her dress down, but the teacher remembered her to the fondling rule, that requires her to allow the boy to touch her. The boy stick his glistening finger in the air and the teacher called him laughing to do what has to be done, before she turned back and left the cabin. The end is quickly told. The boy raised up Jennifer, made her bend over, unzipped his pants and quickly raped her. I must confess, that I always take care not to fell asleep when using a train.

  2. Atrium

    Sometimes, driving with a bus or train on class trips can be really boring. Boys sit together paying cards or chatting about football and girls chatting about fashion only, neither they discourse seriously, nor they socialize with other genders. It would be beneficial for all, if during the drive, always one girl and one boy sit together. They would surely learn a lot about what others think and desire. The teachers should draw out by lot which boy and girl should sit side by side. Especially when it is a longer journey, or the temperature got up, it is a must, that the students wear only a minimum on clothes, but only comfortable ones, that couldn’t disturb them. If the temperature allows it, boys may only wear wide shorts and girls preferably short skirts, but tops are abdicable for both. During the journey, the girls will find the boys always more caringly than expected. The boys will always take care to please the girls. They not only will go for drinks, but will use the time to sweet-talk the girls. A boy sitting beside a girl will do his best to make her having a good time. Whenever he assumes, she is sorry or frustrated, he will comfort and tenderly stroke her. As a politely boy, he will not spare any piece of her body, but do his best to make it interesting. Once he finds her no longer sad, he will invite her to sit on his lap. The girl mustn’t reject his proposal, but happily agree and shift her seat. When sitting down, the girl should be careful and not flop herself on his lap. Otherwise she could hurt him. Instead, she should first scout over his lap and let him direct her belly into the most pleasant position. She will find the boy not resting, till he has given her all what he could. On the way home, the boy may think she wants something to nibble. The girl mustn’t disappoint him when he offers her a goody. It may seems strange to her, being called to bend on his lap, but she should trust him. What he makes her put in her mouth will be not fattening. The girl should rejoice at his generosity and do her best to make him being a big spender. When finally the boy has given her all he had, she mustn’t be rude and spit out, but politely swallow it all.


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