Pretty Girl of the Day, June 5, 2014

I’m not sure about other colleges, but at this one, the girls are so sweet, it’s such a delight to take a stroll about the campus. That’s especially true on Wednesdays, which the Spirit Committee has renamed “Onesdays” because girls are asked to wear just one item of clothing — a top or bottom, please, no dresses — to show their school spirit. The idea is to start from a two-item ensemble that meets the Dress Code, and remove one of the items.

Spirit days are fun for the girls, too, because it gives them an excuse to wear outfits they might not ordinarily wear. For example, even though the Dress Code allows girls to wear tops as dresses, some girls are shy about wearing really short tops by themselves. Other girls are shy about going topless. But on Onesday, they have an excuse.


Inspectors like Spirit days, too, because they get a break on their quotas. The Inspectors don’t like it when I mention quotas, but it’s well known that each Inspector has to cite a certain number of girls for “indecency” every day. It’s hard to believe, but some girls still try to cheat the Dress Code. They might wear panties under a dress, for example. Or a top that’s just a little too long, and overlaps their micro-miniskirt by half an inch. Or they might just forget to shave. Of course, a girl can be fully in compliance with the Dress Code and still be found indecent just by talking back to the Inspector, or by failing to obey his instructions.

So when girls wear less clothing, it’s harder for them to cheat. And with less cheating, the Inspectors get some relief. But even on Spirit days, some girls try to cheat. Wearing shorts is one of the most common ways to cheat, so this girl shouldn’t have been surprised when I asked her to please remove them.


Did you see the look on her face? Like a deer in the headlights. What was running through her mind? Maybe she was wondering if I’m really an Inspector. (I’m not, by the way!) Or maybe she was worried she had accidentally worn panties this morning. For whatever reason, she fumbled with the snap and zipper for such a long time, I started to feel a bit sorry for her. I think it was a relief for both of us when she finally lowered her shorts, and proudly demonstrated her compliance with the Dress Code.


She was such a beautiful girl, I couldn’t resist touching her. And she couldn’t have been nicer about it. When I began fondling her breasts, she let go of her shorts, and raised her arms, making it easier for me to run my hands down her gorgeous body. As I helped her out of her shorts, she raised one leg, and then the other, oh, so cute! After I stood up, I noticed her nipples were hard. And something else was hard, too. I thought about raping her, which would have been completely permissible according to the College rules, because any expression of sexual excitement by a girl is considered consent. It’s what the College calls “consensual rape”.


She must have seen my moment of indecision. “Would you like to keep my shorts?” she asked, still smiling sweetly. I placed my hand gently between her legs, and like a good girl, she spread them apart, just enough. Her pussy was soft and wet. She closed her eyes, and I kissed her.

“Thanks,” I said, as I walked off with her shorts.

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  1. base

    No sense on Spirit Days to cheat the system. You should honor the institution by thriving in its traditions.


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