Pretty Girl of the Day, June 19, 2018

Until yesterday, this pretty girl was a shining example of attire, and all the girls looked up to her. Like many young girls at the College, she liked natural look of an unshaven muff, and she felt comfortable wearing it as a bottom.

“Honestly, it’s a relief not to worry about which bottom to wear,” she told her friends. They would nod their heads, but they kept shaving their own pussies, just so they could wear a skirt or a long top. Each girl is different, you see, and that’s what makes the College such a nice place to get a well rounded education.

Most days, this hirsute girl would wear a little top, but in the warmer weather, like many other young girls at the College, she sometimes went topless, and was often mistaken from behind as naked.

But this excellent adherence to the Dress Code all came to an end yesterday, when this lovely girl decided to wear a dress! Can you believe it? What a mistake! It didn’t take long before she was stripped naked and found to be in violation of the Dress Code. You see, kids, girls aren’t allowed to wear a bottom¬†and a dress at the same time. And, of course, a bush counts as a bottom at the College, so, well, this was a pretty serious Dress Code Violation.

At her indecency trial, where, like all girls accused of indecency, she had to appear in the nude, she said how sorry she was for wearing a dress, and promised never to wear a dress again for as long as she remained at the College. The judge nodded, and asked her to please get up and kneel on his bench, facing out into the courtroom. Of course, she did as he said, and she didn’t mind that he spread her legs, and began licking her perfect asshole. She lowered her shoulders and raised her hips so the judge could easily lick her pussy as well, but he seemed content to just lick her asshole until she came.

“Since this was your first offense, young lady, I’ll offer you a choice. You may either agree to shave your pussy, or else be tied up for eight hours in full view of all the students at the College.”

And you can see which she chose. You see, this girl is a girl of principle. Yes, she was raped a couple times while tied up. That’s actually allowed by the College rules. You see, she became excited while she was tied up, and that’s a violation of the Code of Conduct punishable by rape. Some girls don’t think it’s fair that an excited girl should be summarily raped, but the rule is there for a good reason: to discourage girls from becoming visibly sexually excited in public. The dads and boyfriends of girls at the college understand their loved ones aren’t allowed to wear panties, even if they¬†are clean shaven, so they ask their girls not to spread their legs. Of course the girls promise to keep their legs together, but, unfortunately, there’s another rule in the Code of Conduct that requires girls to spread their legs if a boy should happen to touch the girls inner thighs. Again, this rule is there for a good reason: Girls are expected to dress decently. If they expose any skin, it should be skin they don’t mind being touched. That way, girls will be encouraged to cover their breasts and pussies. Still, many girls wear short skirts, leaving their thighs uncovered, so boys are free to touch them, and the girls are required to give the boys full access to these uncovered areas of skin. Past court rulings have made it clear that a girl must spread her legs whenever a boy touches her inner thighs. In spreading her legs, if the girl’s pussy should become uncovered, then, of course, the boy may touch it. All these rules are designed to encourage girls to dress as decently as possible, while still affording them the freedom to wear short skirts or dresses if they like.

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