Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 1, 2014

These “College Spirit” days are really exciting for me, maybe even too exciting. Some of them are kind of fun, like “Pants Day”, which is just about the only day a girl can get away with wearing pants here at the College — as long as that’s all she wears! The Dean of the College promised there wouldn’t be any inspections that day, which was such a relief! There was such a mood of festivity on campus all day, with girls running around in all sorts of odd get-ups. Some wore their baggy pajama bottoms, some wore cut-off shorts, and some girls didn’t even own any pants, so they made their own out of towels and safety pins, which looked to me like diapers!

But some Spirit Days are a little scary, at least for me. Like “Backless Day”, which is when you can’t have anything covering the whole back of your body. Girls have to wear things like halter tops, loin cloths, and aprons. There’s something about being naked from behind that always gives me the tingles. I guess the thing that gives me the most anxiety is the fondling. The idea that any student can just come up to you and start touching you was so bizarre to me, but over the first few weeks, I kinda got used to it. If it was my choice to wear a cheeky dress, then I knew I was accepting the risk of being touched on the exposed parts of my cheeks. And I’m a good girl, of course, so I play along, and give him the access he expects. At first, it was embarrassing to get wet when a boy would touch me, and, to be honest, I’m still a little embarrassed when that happens, but it’s my choice to wear such a short skirt, so I can live with it.

But on Backless Day, the fondling is relentless! I felt I couldn’t take two steps without having to spread my legs and bend over for another fondler! Don’t get me wrong, I came several times that day, which was okay, I guess, but it would have been nicer if I had been the one to decide when and where I would have an orgasm, you know?

When brings me to today. Today is “underwear day”. That means you can wear all kinds of underwear, but nothing else. My idea was to wear a pretty pink bra, panties, and matching shoes with sexy black stockings adorned with red ribbons. It’s the stockings and ribbons that really make the outfit, don’t you think? But get this. I’m all ready to go to breakfast with a bunch of people on my floor, when one of the boys tells me about a friend of his named Karen, who wore thigh-high socks and a miniskirt. Seems legit, right? But Karen was inspected, and cited for indecency. It seems thigh-high socks count as a bottom. Something about girls who pull them right up to their crotches, and use them for extra coverage, I didn’t quite understand it. But Karen was forced to strip completely naked, except for her shoes and stockings, which she was only allowed to keep by waiving some of her rights during the Inspection. I didn’t have to ask the boy what that meant. It’s a terrible choice we girls have to make sometimes, between nudity and rape, but I totally understand that the rules are here to help us dress and behave decently.

So, here I am, a few steps down the hall from my room, wearing an outfit that could get me stripped naked or worse! I had to make a quick decision — take off the panties or the stockings. But I didn’t know what to do!┬áThe panties are just ordinary pink panties, but the thigh-socks are something really special. I guess I made a spectacle of myself, because the other girls started giving me all kinds of crazy advice. “Don’t pull your stockings up past your knee,” one said. “Ditch the stockings altogether, said another.” But the overwhelming majority of the girls, and just about all the boys said what a shame it would be not to wear the thigh-socks, they’re so sexy.

I said, “But do you think people will mind if I don’t cover my–”

“No! Not at all,” said everyone.

“Okay, I’ve made my decision,” I announced. Do you think I made the right one?



2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 1, 2014

  1. base

    you probably were right to ditch the pink panties, but without the pink panties, your pink bra clashes with the red ribbon in the stockings. Probably should ditch the bra as well, and keep the sexy stockings.


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