Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 5, 2014

Today’s pretty girl is wearing pasties and a pair of adorable blue shorts.



Would you like a closer look at her shorts?


Those shorts are so pretty, would you mind taking them off and handing them to me?


Well, we’ve made an interesting discovery: She looks just as pretty without her shorts.



One thought on “Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 5, 2014

  1. base

    Two observations from the bench:

    1) pasties? I suppose fashions can swing back and forth.

    2) With her shorts pulled down, isn’t it clear all this girl needs is a colorful belt to wear? Her shorts end up looking like a belt in the photo. So why bother with shorts all the time, when a belt allows freer movement and avoids the hassle of inspections at every turn? Just as pretty wearing the belt as not, but with her sense of fashion and complimentary color.


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