Pretty Girl of the Day, December 6, 2015

Today’s pretty girl rides the bus. . .


“Wouldn’t you know it?” she laments, “the one day I wear a decent dress, and I get a seat right away!”

I know how she feels. It’s rare to see a girl wearing such a long dress at the College. Most dresses barely cover a girl’s pussy, but this one covers it, and then some — it hangs down a good two inches below her crotch. In fact, when she’s standing, it almost completely covers her butt.

“This is a perfect dress to wear when the bus is crowded,” she explains, “because even when I hang onto the overhead strap, most of my butt is covered. Of course, I still get the occasional friendly pat on the butt, even in this dress, but nothing compared to when I just wear a t-shirt.”

“What is it about my asshole that makes guys want to touch it? Don’t get me wrong,¬†I totally understand my t-shirt is too short to cover¬†anything down there, but can’t they just look? Why do they have to touch as well?”

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 6, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    Girls mustn’t discourage boys from touching them. It’s always a sign of sympathy and a compliment. No boy will like to touch an ugly and nasty girl. Contrary girls should always enjoy to be in the center of the boys attention. When a girl feels a smart boy touching her butt, while using the bus, she should not only let him, but relax and seperate her legs to give him easier access. She will find him doing his best to stroke her kindly and bringing her joy. He probaly will not stop, but caress her butthole and pussy. When reaching the campus, she surely will have got a lot pleasure and awaiting eagerly to cum. Leaving the bus she mustn’t ran away at once, but take care that the boy finish his endeavour. The girl should bend over, lift her skirt and let the boy finalize satisfying her by raping her, just on the spot.


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