Pretty Girl of the Day, December 16, 2015

Today’s pretty girl enjoys a little recreational skating around the campus.


I really enjoy skating, and the College campus is very friendly to skaters. I like to wear protective gear, while some of my girlfriends opt to wear clothes instead — you can’t wear both, of course, because that would be double coverage, and a girl can wear only one bottom and one top.

To me, it’s no big deal not to wear clothes. For one thing, I never wear a bottom, anyway. Sure, I know a lot of girls don’t wear bottoms, but usually it’s to prevent overlapping, because their tops might be too long. Or maybe it’s because they’re afraid of being inspected. It’s well known that bottomless girls are inspected much less often. But to me, these girls aren’t really bottomless; they’re just wearing a short dress.

Unlike most girls who first started going bottomless here at the College, I actually started going bottomless when I was in high school. I came from a very progressive high school, you see, where girls were allowed to dress pretty much any way they liked. Of course, there were social norms, and so, we girls had to fit in.

For example, a bunch of girls started a thing called “T-shirt Tuesday”, which meant wearing just a t-shirt to school. Of course, most girls wore underwear, too, but that presented its own set of problems. Remember when I said girls could dress how they liked? Well, there were a few exceptions to that. One of them was that a girl’s underwear couldn’t show. Not even a bra strap! The principal and all the teachers were very strict about that. Most girls simply stopped wearing bras rather than risk any part of it showing. But as for panties, that was another matter. As you can imagine, it’s not easy for a high school girl to come to school without panties, or even a thong. So, on T-shirt Tuesday, they would wear a thong, and a t-shirt just barely long enough to hide it. It was an art form: T-shirts were almost exactly crotch length, which meant a good amount of girls’ pretty butts were visible, with the strap of the thong safely nestled between their cheeks.

Naturally, a girl’s thong would show every once in a while, and most teachers ignored it. But the principal would always find one girl — usually the one with the most daring t-shirt — and give her a choice of taking off her underwear or her shirt. He was a clever little bastard, you see. He always picked a girl with a really short shirt. It was a style, you see. A lot of us did it. Our underwear was supposed to show. It was part of the outfit. So the shirt was often several inches shorter than crotch length.

So, faced with this choice, some girls would opt to take off their top, and keep their panties on. Even if she was wearing a thong, a girl might still choose to take off her top. A thong doesn’t cover much, you see, but it covers the most important thing, right? I’ll admit I enjoyed watching this weekly ritual — watching one of my classmates, wearing a shirt barely shorter than my own, have to choose between spending the afternoon topless or bottomless. It was exciting to see her blush, then pick at the waistband of her panties, and then remove an item of clothing. I especially enjoyed it when she would remove her panties, because even if I didn’t see anything, just knowing she was bottomless gave me a thrill.

And then it happened to me!

I had just gotten my food. I was still holding my tray when the principal ordered me to take off an item of clothing. Well, let me tell you, it’s not so much fun when it happens to me. This was the worst possible Tuesday for this to happen to me, because I was wearing my absolute shortest t-shirt. In my panic, I looked around, and saw all the eager faces of my classmates, anticipating a nice view of either my pussy or my tits. I suddenly realized that every Tuesday, the girl who the Principal strips is having her worst Tuesday ever.

Well, there wasn’t any question which item of clothing I would remove today — it would be my top, because even though my bottom was just a thong, my top barely covered my belly button!  “Can I put down my tray?” I asked,

“No,” said the principal. Take off an item of clothing first, then put down your tray.

“You’re kidding, right?” No one moved. You could hear a pin drop. I felt my pussy expanding, pressing against the front of my thong. The tray too heavy to hold with one hand. Did the principal expect me to just drop it, spilling my whole lunch onto the floor? I couldn’t imagine how he expected me to take off my top without putting down my tray.

“Oh, stop the water works,” said the Principal. Then he nodded to one of the students who had gathered around me, eager to see me half naked. Before I knew it, he had “pantsed” me! I stopped crying, and simply stepped out of my thong. The boy picked it up, and handed it to the principal, leaving me completely bottomless, still holding my tray. The principal turned, and left without so much as a “thank you” or even a “be more careful next time, young lady!”

I must have stood there for a while, as I gradually became aware of my friends calling me over to sit with them. I saw all their pretty butts, sitting on the bench seat, some of them wearing panties, others wearing thongs, I guess. Or were they bottomless? I never wondered about this before, but maybe some of the girls I assumed were wearing thongs were really wearing no bottom at all.

I hugged the girls to my left and right, letting my hands slip under their shirts. I desperately wanted to know if they were wearing any underwear. I felt their soft skin, from their waist to their thighs. Both of them snuggled closer to me, thinking I was just being friendly. I felt bad about that, so I responded to them in a friendly way, letting my hand slip between their legs. I spread my legs as they responded in kind, each girl massaging one of my inner thighs. I held them tighter as they each began stroking my pussy. I tried to spread my legs wider, a little embarrassed that I was already quite wet, but my friends were sitting so close, all I could do was let them lift my knees onto their laps, spreading my wet pussy all the wider. I barely noticed when one of them whipped off my little top, letting my little tits flop out in front of everyone! I took turns kissing each of them as they brought me to orgasm. I guess I let out a kind of scream when I came, because the whole cafeteria erupted into cheers and applause as I suddenly noticed I was topless, and covered my tits with my hands.

“Here you go, honey,” said one of my friends, helping me on with my top. I kissed her again, and thanked her for being so sweet to me.

It was a revelation to me that my closest friends, who I thought all this time were wearing thongs, were really completely bottomless, at least some of the time. Like them, I had lots of t-shirts that half-covered my butt, and just barely covered my crotch, and let me tell you, On one hand, it was a relief to know so many girls just didn’t wear any underwear at all. On the other hand, I felt a little silly not knowing this fact. How could I have not noticed? Now that I started looking at the other girls more carefully, it was so obvious! Many of them wore really short little tops on Tuesdays that barely covered their belly buttons, much less their pussies.

As for me, I started feeling much more comfortable sitting in class wearing just a top, even if my crotch wasn’t covered. As long as the top of my butt crack was covered, I always felt I had “deniability” — that is, although I wasn’t fooling anyone, there was still the possibility I might be wearing a thong, at least when viewed from behind. After all, I was fooled for a long time. Everyone else either knew I wasn’t wearing a bottom and was okay with it, or else they assumed I was wearing a thong. Mostly, it turns out, they didn’t really care what I was wearing. When the weather warmed up, I wore less and less. One Tuesday, I just wore a sports bra! And not a single person made a fuss about my pussy showing. Believe me, it was a great relief to fit in with the style, and not feel self-conscious about it!


3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 16, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    The girl is pretty in accordance with the dress-code, which requires to wear at most only one bottom and one top. A girl roller-skating should take care to prevent injuries. Instead to wear shirts and pants, she should wear protections only for her safety. Nevertheless, roller-skating can be a good training for bodily fitness, especially when it is done frequently and proper. A girl should always strain herself as much as possible. It may happens, that she gets winded and needs a break, especially during summer, when it’s hot. She probably will stay at the side of the track pausing for breath, while others drive or run past. Maybe a sympathizing boy comes along. He will stop and ask to befriend her. She mustn’t refuse his politeness, but agree. Usually she will find him very kindly and anxious about her needing. He will take care to make it comfortable to her as possible and offer her to massage her muscles. She not only should accept it, but she is required to let him, considering the fondling-rule. Maybe of the training, she is sweating. The boy will probably not be able to distinguish the difference between her perspiration and other wetness. The girls shouldn’t make a fuss, but be glad that the boy is so nice and helpful. As the CCC requires him, he will take care, that the girl gets what she has asked for and quickly rape her.

    1. Atrium

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