Pretty Girl of the Day, December 12, 2015

Today’s pretty girl. . .


I feel so awkward in this dress. I’m always wondering: Is there an Inspector nearby? Am I spreading my legs enough? Is my dress too long? I know I should just calm down, but, well, it’s this dress. The last two times I wore it, I was Inspected.

My girlfriends say I’m crazy to wear a dress so long I can sit on it. What can I say? I know they’re right, but I love this dress. It’s slinky, and it fits my figure.┬áSometimes when I lean forward, my tits slip out of it, and I pretend not to notice until a boy points it out. It’s a perfect length for adjusting my sandals, drinking water from a fountain, or riding up an escalator.

But it’s perfect for an Inspection, too, unfortunately.

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 12, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    If other girls critize that the dress is too long, but the girl likes it, she should wear it even so. It is essential not to blame the own friends, wearing only mini-skirts or dresses. The girl wearing a long skirt, should always lift it before taking a seat, just of sympathie. And if girlsfriends, wearing only short sirts are stopped by a boy and asked to give him access to touch them, she should join in, raise her dress, bend over with legs wide apart and offer the boy her butt and crotch to touch. She will find her female friends very thankful, especially, when the boy stop touching them and instead is focused of the girl. The female friends will surely stay and wait, till the boy, who probably has either found or made her wet has finished his business and given her relief by raping her.


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