Pretty Girl of the Day, December 10, 2015

Today’s pretty girl is taking a pretty big risk. . .


Not only is she wearing a skirt that covers more than half her butt, but she seems to be wearing a bra, and her top is way longer than necessary, dangerously overlapping her skirt. All of this risk could have been easily avoided simply by omitting a single article of clothing: her top.

Yes, a bra and skirt would be cute. Lots of girls pull off that look to good effect. (Maybe you’re wondering if bras are allowed at all under the Dress Code. The answer is a definite “yes” as long as they are worn by themselves as a top. A common example is a sports bra, which is really the same thing as a crop top, just a little more snug is all.

But could she do better?

The answer is yes: by taking off her bra and skirt, and just wearing her top, she would achieve her best possible look, and greatly reduce her chance of Inspection.

So, you see, this girl is currently wearing two complete outfits, either one of which would cover her decently, with a low risk of Inspection — her top is one very lovely outfit by itself, and her bra & skirt is another excellent outfit.

Hey, girls, I’m always at your service, here to help you!

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 10, 2015

  1. base

    She has a young baby. Her breasts are filled with milk. While wearing a tank top might work fine, I suggest losing the top and wearing the bra, preferably a half cup, push up bra. This allows her baby easy access to her breast milk.


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