Pretty Girl of the Day, December 1, 2015



Today’s pretty girl is wearing a shirt that seems a little small for her, so I asked her if she might feel a little more comfortable if she removed it.



She laughed, and agreed it was a little tight, but it wasn’t at all uncomfortable, thanks just the same. “Would you like to see my tits?” she asked.

I laughed, too, a little uncomfortably, because although I really did want to see her tits, that wasn’t a good enough reason to ask a girl to remove her clothing. “That’s not it at all,” I lied. “I just want to give you the opportunity to show you’re following the Dress Code, that’s all.”


“Sure!” she said, happy to comply. Most girls at the College feel just the same way. They are really annoyed by the small minority of girls who violate the Dress Code by wearing a bra, or by forgetting to shave. I could tell by this girl’s “cameltoe” that she was in full compliance with the Dress Code, but she was happy to remove her panties, just the same.


“It’s okay if you want to touch me,” she said. Of course I knew that already, because it’s written in the College handbook. It’s always okay to touch a girl’s bare skin. But it was nice of her to say it, just the same, and of course I took her up on her offer. She purred like a kitten when I rubbed her breasts, and her cute little hard-ons told me she was getting excited.

“Would you like to take off your pants?”

I looked around, and didn’t see anyone. “I shouldn’t fuck you here,” I said. I took my pants off, just the same.

“Why not?”

“Well, for one thing, I don’t think you’re ready.”


“Do you want to help me get ready?” She offered, inserting a dildo into her pussy.

“Sure, I’ll do that, but…”

“But what?

I don’t know about her, but I was trembling with excitement. I really wanted to fuck her, but it was against the College rules to fuck a girl in private, especially right after asking her to take off her clothes. So I knew I had to go out in public with her, and then fuck her, but I was scared to go out in public wearing only my t-shirt. Wasn’t that silly? I mean, girls do it all the time, and they don’t think anything of it. And I see quite a few boys wearing just a shirt, although usually their shirts are long enough to hide behind. I felt my shirt was a bit too short, though.

How short was it? I’ll explain it this way: As long as I had a hard-on, I was completely covered up, from the front, anyway. But when I was done fucking this girl, well, things would be visible, if you get my drift.

With the dildo still jammed in her pussy, she took me by hand, and led me outside. She massaged my asshole playfully as we walked, which I appreciated (at first) because it kept me hard, keeping my junk hidden from view. But the more we walked, the more people there were, and the closer I was getting to cumming all over the inside of my t-shirt. I whispered to her to please stop playing with my asshole, to which she replied by pulling me down onto the grass with her, and guiding my dick into her wet pussy. A crowd gathered to watch us fuck, most likely thinking I was just raping her to punish her for getting excited in public. She screamed as I came, and kept screaming until I finished. I was so glad to see her acting like she was being raped, because it was against the rules to fuck a willing girl in public, and I didn’t want to get in trouble.

When we were done, the crowd clapped and hooted. We were both a little embarrassed as we got up. We had walked a good distance from where we had taken off our clothes, and we were both late for our classes, so we didn’t go back for our clothes. “Are you going to be okay going to class naked?” I asked.

“Are you going to be okay like that?” she replied, pointing at my dick, which was already hanging out of my shirt.

I blushed. I faced a real dilemma. I didn’t want to be late for class, but I couldn’t very well walk around campus with my dick hanging out of my shirt, could I?

“Here, let me help you.” She tied a special knot in the front of my t-shirt that made a nice cup for my balls, and tucked my dick up inside the shirt. She was very deft, but even so, the way she handled my balls made me hard again. “Try to stay hard,” she advised, “But don’t cum, Then you’ll be fine wearing just a t-shirt.”

I was really happy she fixed me up like that, because I was able to feel pretty decent wearing just a t-shirt, just like the girls who dress the same way. This had turned into a really good day. I’m so happy I ran into this pretty girl.

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  1. lover_mystery

    There are good reasons to ban a boy to fuck a girl in private after he had asked her to strip. It is only to protect the girls from inappropriate treatment. On the other hand, a boy with a hard-on is nothing to make fun on or to blame him. It’s just natural only. Other boys seeing a boy with a boner should take in account, that it can happen themselves at any time. Ususaly the boy’s arousal is the result of an inappropriate teasing by a girl. The boy, being teased by a girl may suspect that the girl is horny. He shouldn’t waste the time, but ask her to let him touch her butt and pussy, if his assumption is correct. He will thoroughly stroke her clit to asure that she is really wet and if he finds her so, he shouldn’t hesitate, but do, what the CCC requires him and rape her. A Girl that laugh at a boy with an erection, acts inproper. She shouldn’t complyin, if in return, she is frequently treated with inspections and touching by boys. She should always keep in mind, that a full-grown dick, can give her a lot of pleasure. Girls are encouraged, not to make fun on boys with a boner, but to try to get excited by rubbing their clit. Their arousal will most likely noticed by the boy, which than will do, what has to be done and rape them.


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