Pretty Girl of the Day, August 9, 2018

Today’s pretty girl asks you a simple question: “Do you really want to make me go to my classes completely naked —¬†again?”

Hi, my name is Alice, and I came to this College from a small town in a small state. I was the only one in my high school class to attend the College, which, to me, is a plus. You see, it gave me the opportunity to make a fresh start.

You see, when I was in high school, some of the other kids made fun of me because I was something of a tomboy. I liked to roughhouse with the boys, and even take off my shirt like they did. It never seemed fair to me that girls had to wear tops, even in the warm weather, so when I was a senior in high school, I got together with some other girls and petitioned the school board until they finally agreed to change the Dress Code to allow any student to wear just a bottom if they wanted to.

At around the same time, there were some other students who thought it was unfair to force girls to wear bottoms. You see, for reasons of decency, girls were expected to wear some sort of bottom — underwear, for example — even if it was completely unnecessary to do so. For example, even if she was wearing a dress, a girl would be expected to wear panties or a thong under it. To enforce this rule, teachers would often make girls remove their dresses just to prove they were wearing underwear. I never minded doing this, but some girls found it a little irritating to take off their dress, especially if they weren’t wearing a bra.

Also, over the past couple years, t-shirt dresses came into style, the shorter the better. And since we girls always liked to outdo each other, we weren’t able to find t-shirt dresses in stores that were short enough. Luckily, a simple t-shirt serves the same purpose, and can be worn quite easily as a dress. And the best thing was that there wasn’t really any limit to how short a t-shirt can be. But as our dresses got shorter and shorter, we began to face another problem, which was that our underwear was showing. A partial solution to this problem was to wear a thong instead of panties, which allowed us to shorten the hemline by a couple inches, which was fun. But even a thong would show if we wore a really short t-shirt as a dress.

So when the school board allowed girls to come to school topless, they also allowed us to come to school bottomless, if we wanted to, which was a huge relief. It meant that teachers could no longer make us take off our dresses just to prove we were wearing underwear. More importantly, it meant we could wear shorter t-shirts, and if we didn’t want our underwear to show, we could simply go commando, even under the shortest of t-shirts, without any push-back from teachers or the school board.

This new dress code was a great relief to so many girls at our high school. We could finally come to school topless or bottomless if we wanted to, just not completely naked. As for me, I liked to try both styles, sometimes even in the same week. On Monday, I would wear a pair of shorts, or maybe even just a thong, and then on Tuesday, I would wear a cute top. Some of my tops were waist-length, which I enjoyed, because they let me show off my cute little butt cheeks, but it also meant my pussy would show, so grooming became important.¬†While most of my girlfriends shaved completely, I liked to leave a little “landing strip” for decoration.

Imagine my surprise upon arriving here at the College, and discovering that even the smallest landing strip, like mine, is enough to count as a bottom all by itself! So now, if I want to go topless, I still can, which is nice, but I can’t put on any bottom at all, due to my landing strip. I really don’t think that’s fair. I should be allowed to walk around the campus topless if I want to without also having to be completely naked.

Don’t you agree?

Please write to the Dean, and ask him to allow girls with landing strips to also wear a bottom if they want to.


11 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, August 9, 2018

  1. sexy_pants

    But you’re not naked, you’re just topless! You are fully decent and covered from your navel downwards. If you want to be fully clothed put on a bra or short top. Of course, you go topless to begin with because you like the feeling of exposing your breasts.

    One trick is to take a small clothing item, like panties, and wear it around your arm near your shoulder. This is a clothing item above the navel, which is therefore a top, and therefore you are fully clothed and decent.

    Your pussy is accessible, but that’s fine since you say you like having a landing strip. Boys and girls will grope you in accordance to rules, and if you let yourself get excited a boy will rape you and you will have protection from future rapes while his semen drips down your legs. It is a great strategy to enjoy yourself while being fully dressed and immune from unwanted penetration (at least for a little bit)!

  2. Concerned

    i hate this fucking college. its completely against god and so incredibly wrong. its a fucking college not a strip club girls need to wear real clothing. underwear, long pants, a long shirt, and a jacket. no skin exposed. take that into account you womanizing fuckers.

    1. Anonymous

      what’s wrong? this is a perfectly normal dress code and a rather mundane way of enforcing it. what do you see as being an issue here?

    2. base

      Burkas are worn at other colleges across the globe – “no skin exposed.” In most western cultures, freedom rings. Attendance at this college is not mandatory. Students are free to enroll at other colleges. Your ‘concern’ is misplaced. You are trying to use God’s Word to advance your own restrictions on others. That is not why God gave us freewill to address the issues we face.

      Genesis 27 (KJV) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

      God made man and woman, and made them naked to live in peace in the Garden. God made them in “His own image” – That would mean our God who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, was naked as well. God cast Adam and Eve from the Garden when they clothed their nakedness.

      Any woman who wishes to return the Garden of her God, simply needs to drop her fig leaf to be one with her Lord. Granting the female students the right to make their own decisions to attend this college or another campus is empowering the women, not womanizing. God is against you on this one. Repent!

  3. Concerned

    yet i dont understand how much of a nymphomaniac you would have to be to willingly go to a place like this. are all these “students” clincally insane? it also seems that this “college” does not value education nearly as much as is typical. from what i have seen, there is nothing learned here except how to competely ruin your life. in addition, male members of this college are expected to wear regulation clothing at all times, only adding to my womanizing point of view. not to mention the fact that there are federal laws against public nudity. explain all THAT, fuckers.

    1. Irata

      The Supreme Court has established that indecent exposure laws are within a state’s constitutional power, and accordingly each state has its own nudity and public decency laws… but I don’t believe there are any federal laws against public nudity. Otherwise San Francisco couldn’t have allowed unrestricted public nudity until 2012. (Now you need a permit!)

      Admittedly indecent exposure is defined as a crime in the United States Armed Forces but this site isn’t called the Military Academy Code of Conduct.

    2. base

      Stories about Calculus, Physics, Ancient Greek, or even Art History, lectures would be rather boring. The stories here do not include the mundane completing a grocery shopping list, or the tedious preparation of a meal one ingredient at a time. Perhaps you’d like stories written that could apply to any campus in the country of the world. To that, I say, start your own blog to express the students and their lives dealing with a Final exam in Accounting. I’m sure it will be exciting for you and two CPAs who might read it.

      The stories here are about what makes this campus and college different from others, not the sameness.

      The stories are mostly about empowering the female students, but you only read to find a negative aspect. It is through adversity we grow. The testament is that so many freshman return as sophomores. The high graduation rate, coupled with the high placement rate into employment attracts students from around the world. It is perfectly fine for you to desire a different college. Go for it. No one is forced to stay here an dattend classes, nor read the stories of others doing so.

      Why is it a ‘concern’ of yours what adults freely elect to do that harms no one else? If a female student, 18 years or older, decides to stay on campus knowing the codes that apply, why should you stick your nose into her free decision? Do you not allow adults freewill when it hurts no one else? Or are you the controlling type that feels you must control everything that another adult does to suit your life choices? We have a word for adults like that… childish.

      Irata, well done on the explanation of federal laws. Some folks will never understand, especially someone from the United States of Europe.

      1. Irata

        Now I want to create a site called University Rules and Regulations and write about two plain-looking girls named Kristen and Dana. Each story would feature the URR and how it affects them as they go to uninteresting classes, eat bland food in the cafeteria, and sit around in the dorm reading dull textbooks.

        1. base

          LOL@ Irata

          You might as well go for the whole show, and have Kristen a transsexual and Dana a transvestite. The first story can be how they met standing outside the restrooms trying to decide which one to use.


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