Pretty Girl of the Day, August 5, 2016



“I’ve been pantsed!”

It’s a fun little prank the boys like to play on the girls in our high school. Most of the time, it’s completely harmless. The “victim” giggles and pulls her shorts back up, and goes on with her day.

PrettyGirl2016-08-05aBut when the girl happens not to be wearing any underwear, then it’s a little more embarrassing for her, as you can see. But it’s all in good fun, so everyone enjoys the moment!



3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, August 5, 2016

  1. Saddie

    Harmless fun, and something some girls encourage at various schools. If their school has a restrictive Dress Code that requires longer hemlines, and I’m not talking about like at college where they simply encourage modesty. No, I’m talking about teachers using rules to determine if a girl is showing too much leg type of school.

    You see, at our school, we may have to wear longer skirts, but if the guys pull down our skirts, well, that is not our fault. We still get to tease the guys and keep them interested.

    The thing is every student knows to deny seeing who did it. So none of the boys get into trouble. Sometimes, it is a good girlfriend that helps you out, and sometimes, well, I just don’t button my waistband tight. So, my skirt falls all by itself, but the teachers think someone pulled my skirt down.

    The teachers can measure my hemline all they want, once I pull up my skirt. We’d probably show less if they let us show more.

    1. Anonymous

      We had something similar at are school. The girls had to wear thin blouses that only just went below there waste, school cardigans of the same length, and long grey skirts that stopped a few cm off the floor. The great thing about the skirts was that they where completely shapeless and held up by a single big Button with week thread. I don’t know how people worked it out but if you put your fingers down the back of a girls skirt and pulled, the thread broke and the skirt dropped.
      This became a fun game for us boys and the girls started to dare each other not to wear any underware. Pick the right girl and she was bottomless for the day with no button to do her skirt back up, unless she had gym gear to change into.

      Of course this really became fun when the head master got it in his head the boys where doing this because the girls where flirting, why else would they be without underwear. So the rule was simple. If it’s not your uniform you can’t wear it which ment no putting on gym cloths or similar when your skirt broke, and any exposed skin could be touched. No sex of course, although some of the senior girls where 18 it was not guaranteed and we were still in school, but it wasn’t long before the game began.

      1st, it became a social syn for a girl to wear any underware or not be completely shaven. Even the smart kids without many friends wouldn’t risk it as being caught made you a total outcast.

      2nd, it was discovered the thread on the blouses buttons was just as week.

      The contest. Two or more boys would select there girls and sneak up behind them. The rules applied to all girls in all year groups and so did the shaving and no underwear. However for the competition we only ever selected senior girls who where 18 or very close to it. Then with the girls oblivious to what was about to happen we would rip the girls skirt, braking off the button so it fell down, as the girl turned in shock we would rip open her blouse. Now completely bottomless, with there smooth, soft skin exposed to the world, there perfect little freshly shaven pussies begging for attending, there tight little ass quickly erupting in goose bumps as the cold air struck them and there little tits leaping to a firm and ready salute because of the knowledge of what was to come next, the girls new they where fully exposed and had no choice but to step out of there skirt and awate the boys touch.

      Although each boy had his own techniques a certain etiquette quickly became standard. First a boy would allow his left hand it glide effortlessly over the girls right buttocks and cupping the cheek of the girls Ass in his hand gently caressing it from top to bottom and back again, allowing the tips of his fingers to gently pleasure her Ass hole down to her pussy. His hand slightly twisting as he reached the point where the softest part of her cheek met her leg. His hand would slide gently between her legs from back to front. The first caress needed the boy to step in close so that the full length of his hand could be used to caress her soft little pussie as close to her clitourous as he could. His body now almost touching hers he would repeat this caress over and over. As the girl became moist to his touch he would cup her face with his right hand and guiding her to him, he would gently and passionately kiss her soft full lips. Looking her straight in the eyes as his hand gently repeated his caress of her firm young Ass and her ever softer and more inviting pussie, her soft body pulsing with excitement only a hairs width from his own he would whisper in her ear, shall we begin.

      Only when all competing girls had said yes would the contest begin. At this point each boy would caress, rub and penertrate the girls every pleasure center with his fingers. Pinching and massaging her hard nipples, caressing and probing her firm young Ass and of course penitrating her moist inviting pussy with the kind of power, speed, and merciless repetition that only the young and very horny can accomplish. Finally a girl would moan out loude in orgasum and there would be a winner. It didn’t matter how many orgasums a girl had until she moaned in pleasure. Of course the other boys who had now lost would continue until there girls had an equally powerful orgasum, manners where very important in our school.

      Now finished with the contest the boys would wipe there hands on paper they had with them, pull the girl in close and with there left hand firmly back on her now trembling little ass he would take her face in his right hand once more and kiss her to say thankyou. The girls now completely naked from the front, and only coverd down to there waste from the back, dripping with there own juices would normally throw there skirts and sometimes there blouse in 1 of the to be mended bins provided, before cleaning up in the student showers. Of course they where still exposed for the rest of the day and the walk home without any choice but to allow a fellow student full acess to there body with his or her fingers.

  2. Anonymous

    Pantsing in good fun is common at many high schools, in fact many teachers encourage it and school policy allows any student (not just boys) to pull down the pants of other students if non violent.

    I am curious about this girl’s high school dress code because she is naked after being pantsed. Why did she take her top off to go nakes after expected pantsing?


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