Pretty Girl of the Day, Aug 13, 2018

As you know, I’ve been posting fun stories about the pretty girls at the College, accompanied by pictures showing the girls dressed the way they normally do when than hang around the campus.

Some of the girls have told me that, while they’re happy with the stories overall, they were a little embarrassed by the pictures that accompanied the story. “You give the impression that I spend my days here completely naked,” said one girl, “but the truth is that I almost always wear a skirt or top, and you just caught me on the one day I lost a bet with my girlfriend.

Another girl said, “I was wearing a completely decent t-shirt. I mean it covered my whole front, and most of my butt, too. But a girl has to sit down, doesn’t she? And this is the start of my dilemma. If I keep my legs together, it isn’t long before a boy asks me to remove my top, and I don’t blame him. Like all responsible students, he wants to make sure girls are following the rules — no panties, and no public hair. It’s not that I blame the boy for asking me to strip, but I prefer not to be completely naked in public. So, like most girls, I developed the habit of relaxing my legs whenever I sit down. Sure, I know my pussy is exposed, but all the girls do it, so I don’t feel awkward about it. But did you have to take my picture at that moment?”

I get it.

That’s why today’s pretty girl is fully clothed. In the first picture, she’s wearing a bra and a pair of shorts. And, of course I could have asked her to take off her shorts, but today I decided to trust her when she assured me she was clean shaven.

She thanked me for taking the picture while she was fully clothed, and offered to change into a different top, if I promised not to take any pictures of her bare breasts. I admit it was hard… in at least two senses of that word… but I complied with her wishes, and waited until she donned her adorable mesh top.

She’s such a cute girl, even fully clothed, that I couldn’t resist taking a few more completely decent pictures of her.

Isn’t her fluffy wrist band adorable?

Even with her pussy covered, she looks very pretty, so I asked her if she would like to model any other outfits that are just as decent. She was really happy to bring me to her dorm room, and take off her clothes so she could put on what has to be her most adorable little outfit.

She admitted to me that in high school, when she wore this skirt, she almost always wore a thong under it, even though her boyfriend preferred that she not wear any underwear. But now that she’s in College, and not even allowed to wear underwear, she feels fully dressed, even in a very short skirt.

I asked her if she was ever embarrassed to wear such a short skirt, given the College rule against wearing panties, and she laughed. “This isn’t a short skirt! Look, I’ll get up on the wall, and let you take a picture of my butt from below, and it’ll be completely decent, I promise!”

“You won’t mind if I catch a little of your pussy in the picture?”

She laughed again. “Just a little!” and then she giggled as she bent over for the camera.

And it’s true, I have to admit. Even bending over, and photographed from below, her skirt covered at least half of her adorable butt. I showed her the picture right away, and she said it was fine. And I see her point. Since none of the girls at the College are wearing panties, and most of them wear pretty short skirts, Any girl will show a little pussy when you look up at them. Which is why some girls don’t wear bottoms at all. It makes sense, right? If you see a girl’s pussy every time you look at her legs, then after a while it’s no big deal.

She pulled me close and lowered her voice. “You know what’s even sexier?” she asked. “Over-dressing.”

“You mean violating the Dress Code? How is that sexy?”

“It means any boy who wants to can strip me naked, and all I can do is beg him not to report me.” She stopped smiling and looked straight at me. “Do you know what I mean? I have to beg. And grovel. And I have to do it while stark naked. There’s something about being powerless in the situation that I find completely intoxicating.

I asked her, “If you get inspected, can I take pictures?”

She laughed, “You mean¬†when!”

I grinned.

“Sure,” she said. “Inspection is a natural aspect of College life. Girls shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, so go ahead and take pictures. Show ’em to my parents, if you like. They already know all about the Dress Code, and even though I’m sure they picture me as a good girl who never knowingly violates the Dress Code, I’m sure they also know that I would have to take off my clothes from time to time, just to prove that I’m a good girl.”

“Well maybe I should just Inspect you now, and start taking pictures.”

She hiked up her blue dress, exposing her cute, skin-tight shorts. Even though I know I’m allowed to pull down any girl’s shorts at any time, it still felt a little wrong to me. Sensing my hesitation, this beautiful girl kissed me, and guided my hands into her shorts and then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

I slipped them off her, exposing her beautiful smooth-shaven pussy. I lifted her shirt to expose her flat belly, and she shivered as I brushed against her soft tits. Still feeling it was somehow wrong to just strip a girl naked, I asked,¬†“Do you mind if I lift your shirt all the way?” I was going to add that her breasts felt really nice, and I didn’t think she was wearing a bra, but…

She laughed, and lifted her own top, and relaxed while I took pictures of her sexy body.

I told her that she had been a bad girl, and that I had every right to strip her naked, and keep her clothes as evidence against her when I ratted her out for violating the Dress Code.

We both laughed, because we knew that wouldn’t happen. How could I report such a beautiful girl to the authorities? I kept her shorts, of course, but I let her keep her blue dress, as long as she kept it hiked up above her belly button.

“My belly button?”

“It’s so pretty,” I said. “It would be a shame to hide it, don’t you think?”

To her credit, as far as I know, she left herself exposed from the belly button on down, for the rest of the day.

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