Pretty Girl of the Day, April 28, 2013

In high school I always wore panties, and that allowed me to wear really short dresses.  In fact, some days I wore a t-shirt instead of a dress.  I had to sneak out of the house those mornings, because my mom didn’t like me to wear just a t-shirt and panties.  I don’t see what her problem was, though.  I only wore baggy t-shirts so the boys couldn’t tell whether I was wearing a bra (of course I wasn’t!) and also, the baggy ones covered up my panties, so the boys couldn’t see them, either.  It was just comforting to know I had my panties on, just in case.

One time, during lunch, my best girlfriend told me she could see my panties, and I was really embarrassed.  “You mean I’ve been walking around all day and people have been looking at my panties?!”

“Shhh!” she said, bringing me close and hugging me, laughing.  “I thought that’s the look you wanted.  They match your dress.”

“No!  Now I wish you hadn’t told me!  What can I do?”  I looked around as if there might be a place to fix my wardrobe malfunction.

We left the lunch room, and walked outside to talk.  “Relax, honey,” she said.  “Just next time wear a thong instead of panties.  It’s harder to see a thong, even under the shortest dress.”

“But if I wear a thong, won’t it look like I’m not wearing any underwear?”

She thought about that.  “I suppose so.  But wouldn’t you feel better just knowing you were wearing something?”

“Yes, but what can I do now?  I don’t have a thong handy.  And I won’t ask you to give me yours!”  I laughed, but not my girlfriend.  She just blushed.  “You’re not wearing a thong?!”

“Shhhhhhh!” she said again.  She pulled me around the corner of the building and hugged me tight.  I felt her sexy arms against my skin.  She had slipped them under my baggy top and was pulling me close.  With her lips almost touching mine, she whispered, “don’t tell everyone that I’m not wearing any underwear!”

“Do you ever wear underwear?”

“Nope!”  She grinned from ear to ear.

“But sometimes I see you in the shortest little tops and no bottoms.  I figured you had something on under there, like maybe a little pair of shorts or something.  Are you telling me you never wear anything under those tiny little things?

“You see?” she said.  “People don’t notice.  They just assume.”

“So if I take off my panties right now, you think people won’t notice they’re missing?”

“They’re already off,” she said, rubbing my back.

I looked down and saw my own panties around my ankles.  “How did you do that?”

“See?” she said.  “You didn’t even notice.  Do you think anyone else will notice?”

I stepped out of them, took my girlfriend by the hand, and walked back inside, just as the bell was ringing.   It was exciting to sit my bare naked butt down in the chair, and even more exciting to know this was my own private thrill.  I kept my legs together like a little lady, and even though everyone could see my legs, almost up to my waist, they all assumed I was wearing some sort of sexy underwear.  No one knew a thing about it, except my best girlfriend.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, April 28, 2013

  1. base

    da master returns.

    I suppose it would be rude to tell this pretty girl that her shirt is semi-transparent, too. shhh, it’ll only make her self conscience.

  2. Jason

    Shoowee baby love to see that tiny little butt. I think I am going to sit here an let my cock get hard and play with it until I cum all over my hands! MMMM…. bet its nice an warm to shoo! LOL! Please let me know you read this an reply you sexy ass thang!

  3. Jason

    I am totally new to all this but I love what I am reading, I would rather masterbate to real chicks than regular porn, I don’t know why I just love the girl next door! I hope it makes sense. For the love of God will you email me an say hey. I might have some sexy pics for you as well! LOL!

  4. Jason so naughty!

    I love that tiny little pussy I bet it would be really tight around my firm cock shoowee baby!



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