Pretty Girl of the Day, April 1, 2018

Today’s pretty girl, Jenna, is clearly a freshman. How can we tell? She’s wearing a dress that’s a little longer than necessary. Before going off to College, her mom gave Jenna some important pieces of advice: “First,” she said, “to be decent, your dress should be at least as long as your thumb, when you’re standing up straight with your hands at your sides. And second…” Mom paused, placed a hand on Jenna’s shoulder, and looked directly into her eyes. “I’m so sorry, honey, but you really won’t be able to wear any decent dresses at the college.”

“Why?” asked Jenna, reacting more to the serious tone of Mom’s voice than the prospect of having to wear indecent dresses at College. After all, even in high school, Jenna’s friends have been daring each other to dress as sexy as possible. It’s exciting to wear a thin tank top, risking a nip slip, or a cheeky dress or micro-miniskirt with a thong.

“It’s the College Dress Code,” Mom explained. “If you’re wearing a decent dress, boys might think you’re wearing underwear, which is against the rules, you see.”

Jenna laughed. “Okay, mom, let them think I’m wearing underwear. What’s the harm in that? I bet the boys in my high school classes think I wear underwear every day.”

“Don’t you?!”


“Honey, the only reason I let you wear such short dresses to school is that you promised you would wear underwear.”

“That’s not true, mom. You know some of my dresses are too tight to wear underwear.”

“But most of them are too short not to wear underwear.”

“You don’t understand, mom. On the days I wear a t-shirt to school, I can’t wear any underwear. For one thing, the other girls would make fun of me, or worse. Do you know my friend, Dee? She wore a t-shirt and thong to school yesterday, and someone made an anonymous complaint that her top was too short, so in her homeroom class, she was called to the front of the room, and her teacher forced her to take it off.”

“So she had to strip down to her bra and thong,” mom said. “What’s the big deal?”

“Bra! That’s a good one. We don’t wear bras, mom. Poor Dee had to strip down to practically nothing. It was really embarrassing for her.”

“At least she had her thong, honey. If she hadn’t been wearing her thong, she would have been stripped naked!”

“Don’t you get it, Mom? The only reason she was stripped at all was because she was wearing a thong. If she had just played along, and come to school commando, like the rest of us, nothing bad would have happened to her.”

Mom was quiet for a long time, thinking.

“Well, I was going to tell you that in College, you won’t be able to dress decently, because of the Inspections, but it seems like you’re already going through something like that even in high school.”

“So it’s good practice, then. I mean going to school wearing only a t-shirt, and nothing under it.”

“Well, yeah, I suppose it is, honey. You see, at the College, any boy who suspects you might be wearing underwear can ask you to strip, and you’re not allowed to say no. So most girls just wear a top. The shyer girls, mostly freshmen, try to partly cover their butt cracks, but the older girls are often satisfied with waist-length tops.”

“You mean they don’t even try to cover their pussies?”

“I’m afraid not, honey. It’s all a matter of what you’re used to, and what the other girls do. If all the other girls leave their abdomen completely bare, then you’ll get used to doing that, too.”

“So, do you think I should think about wearing shorter t-shirts to school? You know, to try to get used to the idea, before I go off to College?”

“That might be a good idea, honey.” said mom.

But Jenna just couldn’t bring herself to wear a t-shirt much shorter than crotch-length to high school. She didn’t mind leaving her adorable cheeks exposed to the elements, but she liked her pussy to be at least partly covered.

And this shyness continued even after she arrived at the College. Sure, in the comfort of the dorm, even though it was co-ed, she didn’t mind going completely naked. But she still felt the need to put on a dress before going to class in the morning.

Jenna was a good girl, though, and happy to comply with an Inspection, whenever a boy would ask for one.

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