Pretty Girl of the Day, May 16, 2017

There are so many pretty girls at the College, it’s hard to single one out for special praise each day. But today, this girl stood out among the crowd. As you know, there has been a cutback in the budget for Inspectors, so boys at the College have been asked to pick up the slack, and take on some of the Inspection duties. This means that boys are now permitted to “grope” girls who appear to be possibly violating the Dress Code. Girls understand, of course, that this groping is necessary, and are happy to submit to it, as long as there is probable cause to suspect they are in violation of the Dress Code.

Boys are asked, please, not to abuse their newfound groping privilege. For example, even though today’s pretty girl’s top overlaps her skirt slightly, boys should use discretion, and not allow this tiny overlap to be an excuse to grope her, or fondle her pussy.

On the other hand, since her skirt is so long, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask her to remove her skirt briefly, to prove (1) she’s not wearing panties, and (2) that her pussy is clean shaven, as required by the Dress Code.

As acting Inspector, the boy should check the girl carefully, to make sure there are no panties, either in her skirt, or stuffed into any of her orifices. If a crowd has gathered, it is reasonable to make the girl turn around to show the audience what a good girl she is.

Although a girl shouldn’t feel shy or embarrassed about being forced to remove her skirt, some girls do become a little sexually excited, especially if a crowd gathers, or if she begins to suspect that she might be forced to strip completely naked, or worse. The boy should feel free to place his fingers gently between her cheeks, and stroke her, both to help her relax, and to gauge her level of sexual excitement. Then, if she’s a little too sexually excited for her to feel comfortable being stripped naked in front of so many people, the boy Inspecting her may want to let her pull her skirt up again while he Inspects her top.

In a shocking turn of events, when the pretty girl takes off her top, we are astonished, and, frankly, a little disappointed, to see she’s wearing a bra. Naturally, the girl will apologize, and beg to be allowed to keep some of her clothes on, and the boy naturally feels sorry for her, too. For a minute, he will entertain the thought that he should just let her go, wearing a bra and skirt. After all, this is a perfectly decent outfit for a girl to wear at the College.

But then the boy remembers: This pretty girl violated the Dress Code, and if he lets her get away with it, that’s not fair to all the other girls who follow the Dress Code religiously, right? So he has to make her take her bra off, at least. As you can see, the girl isn’t very happy about this.

Quite often, a girl in this situation will beg the boy to fuck her in exchange for letting her keep just a single article of clothing. Boys are urged not to agree to such deals, as tempting as they may be. Rather, the boy should offer to fuck the girl first, and then discuss afterwards whether she would be allowed to keep any of her clothing. To show her that he’s sincere, the boy would normally remove his pants at this point, along with any underwear he might be wearing. For modesty, the boy would normally leave his t-shirt on, with his flaccid penis dangling below the hem of his shirt.

I know what you’re thinking: Why would the boy’s penis be flaccid? For the answer, think back to the purpose of Inspection: To verify girls are obeying the Dress Code. Nothing more. Although girls often become sexually excited by being stripped naked in public, most boys understand that it’s nothing for a girl to be embarrassed (or excited) about, but rather just an important part of just being a decent girl who follows the rules.

So, at this point, the girl should disrobe, knowing that by doing so, her sexual excitement will be evident to everyone. By this point, the girl knows her only hope of keeping a shred of clothing is to receive a good pounding from the boy, so she will let the boy feel between her cheeks, and inside her vagina, spreading her legs to facilitate the fondling. She may wish feel the boy’s penis as it becomes erect, and, with his permission, kneel before him to fondle it with her lips and tongue as well as with her fingers. Then, when the boy is fully erect, it is customary for the girl to bend over to show the boy as well as the gathered crowd that she is ready to be fucked.

Today’s pretty girl has a drop-dead gorgeous vagina, which the boy will want to stroke with his fingers before entering, can you blame him? The girl should refrain from cumming until the boy’s penis is fully inside her. The girl may begin to panic as she is fondled, fearing that she will cum before the boy is ready to fuck her, so it is common to hear the girl beg the boy to fuck her, both hard and right away.

After the boy finishes fucking the pretty girl, the two students have an important decision to make. Should she have an item of clothing to wear, or should she be taught the importance of following the Dress Code? This is something the boy and girl can hash out together during the afterglow of their sexual union, often while kissing and nuzzling each other.

The two young students may stop kissing for a bit so that the girl can pose naked, and help the boy and the assembled crowd decide whether she deserves the punishment of being forced to remain naked for the rest of the day. The girl knows that if she’s stripped naked, she will have to own her nudity, which means she will be open to the advances of fellow students. When seated, she maintain an open posture, spreading her legs and leaning back, so that her fellow students feel comfortable stroking her inner thighs, and more. She won’t try to hide her sexual excitement, should it occur, and, in fact, she will remain open to her fellow students who seek to stroke her labia, both outer and inner. When her vagina opens, she knows this will be an invitation to insert fingers, tongue, or even penis into it, not only for her own pleasure, but also that of her fellow students.

In this case, today’s pretty girl is happy with the decision she made, together with her consensual rapist, to remain naked for the rest of the day. It’s a small price to pay, she agrees, for the sin of violating the Dress Code.

We’re happy, too, because she is just as pretty naked as she was wearing clothes, don’t you agree?



5 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, May 16, 2017

  1. Anonymous

    I’m sure both the girl and the boy appreciated the consensual rape. I’m glad more boys are doing peer inspections!

  2. Fellow student

    I’m not entirely sure all girls really appreciate it when they get consensual raped. I can only comment on this from the point of view of a student who does inspections from time to time. In the cases where I found a fellow student violating the dress code, I almost always allowed her to put at least one piece of clothing back on. However, I did not expect sexual advantages for this accommodation and when offered this I always turned it down. Of course, that doesn’t apply if I noticed during the inspection that the girl was obviously aroused. I know the rules and my duties. I never hesitated and did what I pledged to do when I agreed to serve as an inspector. I’ve never had a problem with a flaccid penis. As soon as it was clear that I had to consensual rape the girl, my cock was stiff and I could then fuck her vigorously immediately.

    1. Emily

      I don’t always appreciate it, but it can’t be helped. I have a condition where my pussy is often leaky or wet, even if I’m not very horny. When I get inspected I of course comply, spreading my legs, taking off all my clothes, and anything else the inspector wants. I am usually able to negotiate keeping my top by offering my pussy, though sometimes they determine I’m a “bad girl” who got wet and deserve to be naked all day. No big deal.

      Of course the issue is I always look down there, and end up getting raped a lot. I’ve only had a handful of inspections not end with him cumming inside me, but that’s just life isn’t it? Then after as I go about campus with my pussy visible, people can see the creampie and don’t rape me again (but it will run out after a few hours).

      To share a secret, on days when I have my pussy exposed (bottomless or wearing bush or socks as a bottom) I will ask one of the guys in my dorm to creampie me as insurance against rape. It’s more fun to set the terms of sex yourself I think.

  3. Fellow student

    Emily, there you’ve a good idea that a friend should just cum on you. I just think someone might find out, if someone happens to see you regularly walk around the campus in the morning with sperm on you. It’s not that hard to put one and one together. And once that gets around, you can be almost certain that some will take extra delight in inspecting you and touching you until you’re ready to be raped.

    1. Emily

      Haha I do like cum resting on me too, like most girls many of my shirts are cum stained now. But if you have a creampie you are protected from rape even if you’re wet, since you can say you were already raped and are still calming down. It’s a nice break in the CCC.

      Sometimes my boyfriend is the one to rape me in the morning as protection, but I can’t always get what I want! That’s life. He might be away or busy raping a different girl, or someone else gets to my pussy first, so they’re the ones to cum in me instead. But if I run into him later I always let him cum on my face! It’s a fun thing.

      Boys do take delight in inspecting me! I’m frequently groped and inspected, sometimes with other girls, and they always get me ready for rape. I spread my legs and sometimes they are disappointed to see I had the protection creampie from earlier. Though occasionally they don’t care about the rules and rape me anyways! Or I’m so horny I scoop out the cum and beg them to rape me.

      Some of the boys are so nice! If they inspect me and I have to go naked, sometimes they will donate their shorts and go bottomless the rest of the day too, their dick hanging out. My boyfriend does this a lot, actually, he likes to be bottomless since it makes it easier to “inspect” girls (or use my pussy!) and I like seeing his penis a lot.


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