Pretty Girl of the Day, May 15, 2017

There are two things that can get a girl into big trouble at the College. The first is wearing underwear, or more generally, any overlapping clothing. The second is being at all shy about demonstrating what a good girl you are.

Most girls do pretty well at the first part of it. They don’t wear underwear. Naturally, this makes them a little shy about wearing very short dresses. Sure, a girl likes to be sexy, so she might wear a top as a cheeky dress. But most girls try to make sure they don’t show much pussy, at least while they’re standing with their arms at their sides. (It’s pretty much accepted that when a girl is seated, her pussy is on view from some angles, nothing much can be done about that.)

This propensity of girls to wear tops so long their pussies are hidden, well, it causes problems, because it’s hard for Inspectors to easily see which girls are following the rules, and which ones may be cheating. Not just Inspectors, but all students have a right to know which girls might be cheating. Students would like to be sure their classmates are good girls, after all.

With this in mind, quite a few girls have given up wearing bottoms or dresses, even very short ones, opting instead to wear just a short top. This has the obvious disadvantage that her pussy is constantly on display, but that minor inconvenience is more than made up for by the drastic reduction in the need for Inspections. Most girls (and just about all boys) are happy with this trade-off.

But now a new threat has loomed on the horizon.

With so many girls going completely bottomless, many have forgotten all about the risk of being Inspected in public, and have started wearing underwear again. Can you believe it? Not panties, of course. No, that would be too risky. But bras. Yes, that’s right. Girls have started wearing bras under their adorable little tops. To counter this heinous thread, we need all Inspectors, and indeed all students, boys and girls alike, to begin asking girls to show their tits, to prove they are following the Dress Code.

So many girls, so little time.

Boys, there are lots of girls to Inspect, and so you won’t have much time with each girl. So as you approach a girl, be prepared with a ready punishment for her, in case you suspect her to be in violation of the Dress Code. Giving her a good fucking, for example, is a fine punishment. Many girls have come to expect this, so when you approach her, you may find her pussy is already wet, in anticipation. In that case, it’s okay to go ahead and fuck her in lieu of Inspection. Girls, after being fucked, it’s customary to offer an item of clothing to the boy, to thank him for his service. And, of course, boys, it’s customary to let her keep her last item of clothing, as long as she put her heart into the fucking, after all, that’s the decent thing to do, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, May 15, 2017

  1. base

    It is a growing trend that is all too natural. The girls stop thinking about layers of clothing, and think going bottomless is the right way to adhere to the dress code. A girl will say, “But my butt is showing!” The inspector has to remind them that is not the issue at all.

    Sadly, this pretty of the day thinks wearing her panties on her wrist excuses, too.

  2. Alessia

    I admire her so much. I would like to try out wearing tank shirts as dresses, but I am way too much scared. 🙁 It would be so awesome if somebody here could give me some suggestions to get started. 🙂


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