Pretty Girl of the Day, October 24, 2016

Here’s today’s pretty girl.

One of the nice things about the College is that you can always check any girl to make sure she’s following the Dress Code, even if she’s a little shy. Girls all know they should be proud of not wearing panties.

Good girls typically wear dresses short enough that their compliance with the Dress Code is obvious, so there’s no need for them to spread their legs. But if you would like a better look at a girl’s pussy, there’s no harm in gently caressing her inner thighs, and moving closer and closer to her pussy, which will have the desired effect.

When a girl has exposed her pussy, you may feel free to rub it; she isn’t permitted to resist. If you like, you can put your finger in her vagina, then use her natural juices to lubricate her whole chassis, from clitoris to anus. This often prompts the girl to get up, bend over, and spread her legs even wider.

Feel free to continue rubbing the girl’s underside, bringing her right to the edge of orgasm without actually letting her cum. The goal is to get her visibly excited — erect nipples, red, wet pussy — you’ll both know when it happens.

Although you might think a girl would be happy that you’ve brought her to a state of high sexual arousal, this is actually a bad thing for her, because it’s a violation of the College Code of Conduct (CCC). The punishment is one that fits the crime, though, which is simply not being allowed to decline sexual activity. Knowing they’re not allowed to resist your sexual advances, a girl will be most likely be happy (or at least willing) to disrobe. As she removes her clothing, you should continue to probe between her cheeks, to keep her close to cumming.

After she’s completely naked, feel free to continue sexually teasing her as long as possible. Often, a crowd will gather to watch the girl writhe in sexual ecstasy as you play with her. If it looks to you like she might cum, then stop touching her for a few seconds while you remove your own pants. By this time, you’re almost certain to have a huge erection yourself. This is perfectly normal.

When you’re both ready, fuck the daylights out of her. Usually, you’ll come after the first or second push, but it might take her a little longer. Keep your dick inside her, and play with her clitoris or her asshole, and keep pushing until she cums.

It’s customary at this point for the girl to offer you a token of appreciation to thank you for fucking her, and, of course, all she has to offer you is her clothes. Some boys take all her clothes, leaving the girl naked, which is fine. These are big girls, who can go from class to class completely naked, and they’ll be okay. But most boys return the favor, and allow the girl to put at least some of her clothes back on. For example, if a girl had been wearing a skirt with a cute little top that shows off her belly, the boy might let her put just the top back on, and keep her skirt. This is appropriate, because her pussy is most likely still wet, red, and really fun to look at, and it would be a shame to cover it up.

By leaving a girl bottomless after you fuck her, it will help increase the opportunity for another boy to fuck her again, later in the day.

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