Pretty Girl of the Day, October 20, 2016

Today’s pretty girl is just hanging around in her adorable little dress.

I’ve always been a shy, she admits, which is why I almost always wore underwear in high school, at least panties, and sometimes even a bra, too, especially if I had a feeling I might be stripped that day. You see, like in most high schools, the teachers would force some of the girls to strip from time to time. Not all the way, of course. Just down to her underwear, usually.

When I went out on dates with my boyfriend, though, he never wanted me to wear underwear, so I respected his wishes. On one of our dates, I wore a pretty dress, not much longer than the one I’m wearing in this picture, and we went to the movies. When the theater got dark, he put his hand under my dress, and we snuggled, which was fine. But soon he wanted me to take it off, but it’s all I was wearing, so I would have been naked, so I wouldn’t take it off. After that, I always wore a top and a skirt on our dates, ready to take off one or the other, if he asked. I never knew in advance whether he would make me topless or bottomless, so I tried to equalize my embarrassment in either case. That is, if my top wasn’t quite long enough to cover my pussy, I made sure my skirt was extra short, too, partly to encourage him to let me leave it on, and partly so I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I had to take it off.

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