Pretty Girl of the Day, October 10, 2016

Today’s pretty girl is enjoying lunch outside the Student Center.

After we took this picture, we told the girl we like her skirt.

“Oh, this old thing?” she laughed. “I’m glad you like it. I wear it a lot here at the College. But it’s funny, when I was in high school, I only wore it once, and that was on a dare.”

We urged her to tell us all about it!

“Oh, really, there’s nothing to tell. Three of us girls all tried to wear the shortest skirts, and the boys would compare us. On one particular day, we all dared each other to wear the shortest skirt, and this was the one I wore.”

Did you win the dare, we wondered.

She blushed. “No! And I couldn’t believe it, either!”

Neither could we. So what did you have to do then, for losing the dare?

“Do I have to tell you? It was so embarrassing. Well, you see, there were two of us who lost, not just me. Each of us wearing just a top and a tiny skirt, without any underwear. No bra, no panties. Between us, we had to give up two items of clothing, to be decided by a game of chance. That’s the agreement we made, can you believe it?”

So how did you decide which two items you girls would give up?

“Rock paper scissors, best of three, with an interesting twist. If either girl lost a game in two straight, she had to give up her bottom. Otherwise, she could choose which item to give up. But if both girls give up their top, then it would be a tie, you see? So then we would have to play a third game to see which one of us would lose her bottom, too.”

Wow! Then she’d be naked. So what happened?

“I lost the first match 2-1, so I took off my top. I was really scared when I lost the first hand of the second match. I was one hand away from being naked! But I came back and won it, so she took off her top.”

Really? She took off her top?

“I know, right? If she had taken off her bottom, then everything would have been over.”

Why didn’t she take off her bottom, I wonder?

“I have no idea. She’s a really cute girl, and I think she would have looked great wearing just that crop-top she had on, I really do. So she papered my rock, and once again I was one hand away from being naked. But I came back to win it, and she was really devastated. She couldn’t even take off her own skirt, I had to do it for her. She was so embarrassed, trying to cover herself, and crying. I think it was her first time being naked in school. Mind you, I was almost naked myself, topless, you know, just wearing this little miniskirt, with nothing under it. And here I am, consoling this naked, crying girl. It was quite a sight, let me tell you.”


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