Pretty Girl of the Day, October 9, 2016

Today’s pretty girl has a pretty smile and a cute little butt.

… and she’s a good, decent girl, too.

She just needs to invest in a shorter skirt that she doesn’t need to ruffle up so much in order to look her prettiest.

5 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, October 9, 2016

  1. Dave

    Love that little innie she’s got going there.

    Why the sudden repost of very pretty girls? Not complaining because they are so pretty.

    1. Dick Hertz Post author

      Hi, Dave,
      Something went terribly wrong with my userid for posting things, so I wasn’t sure if I posted these particular pretty girls already. Hence the re-post. Better twice than not at all, eh?

  2. someone

    I met this girl recently while we were on a hike trough the hills. She wore only a short top and that backpack. And I asked her about that picture from the articel. She said she often had trouble with the skirt getting ruffled and skitterup from walking. What startet as a normal outfit (top and bottom) endet up being a skirt that covered her belly botton, overlapped with her top and exposed her butt crack. So found a simple solution, she told me: no skirts anymore. Her backpack was the only thing now, that would touch her butt – aside from gentle hands that is.


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