Pretty Girl of the Day, October 7, 2016

Today’s pretty girl loves to play tennis.

As you might expect, playing sports presents a unique challenge to girls at the College.┬áNaturally, a girl must follow the Dress Code, even while playing her sport. Like all tennis players, this girl is allowed to wear her adorable little tennis skirt. But unlike most other girls, this girl isn’t allowed to wear any panties under her skirt.

Here at the College, this is no big deal. It’s just a short skirt is all. Lots of girls wear short skirts at the College.┬áIn fact, this girl looks quite pretty in her little skirt, don’t you think?

Not wearing panties is just one of the things a girl has to get used to at the College.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, October 7, 2016

  1. Slick P. Wraith

    Having panties on would probably be uncomfortable for her while she was running about chasing the tennis ball because they would keep rubbing uncomfortably between her legs, so it’s just as well.

  2. Katina

    I warn any girl not to wear shorts for tennis instead of skirts. Although the skirt may ride up a lot and expose the butt and crotch, it can be much more dangerous to wear pants.
    I’d played with a friend and while I wore a skirt, she had on thin cotton sports-hot-pants. It was a warm day and as we finished, we’d sweated a lot. We just tried to leave the court, as an inspector came along. He saw us and asked friendly if we were in accordance with the dress-code. Naturally we were, but he wanted to check it quickly. For me it was easy. I just had to raise the skirt and lift my top. The inspector seeing my naked pussy und bare breasts was satisfied and asked my friend. Annie, my friend, lifted her top and showed him her naked tits and then lowered her pants. She wore nothing underneath and so we were sure, that we could go. For our surprise, the inspector stepped close to Annie and asked her to lower the pants again. I got curious. The inspector kept friendly, but pointed to the front on the panties. “I guess it’s wet.” Indeed, there was the shape of wetness. It came from my friends sweating. the inspector told her to take it out and asked her to seperate her legs. He reached to her crotch and no his head. “indeed, you’re wet.” Annie told him, that she had sweated, but he supposed a petty excuse only. In that moment two boys arrived and the inspector called one of them for help. he shortly informed them and asked one of them if he could conduct the required punishment. Naturally the boy was ready to help and while the inspector asked Annie to bend over, the boy put down his shorts and gave my friend, what the inspector supposed she had asked for.

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      Yes. I don’t suppose the inspector had no other option, even if Annie was telling the truth. Otherwise every girl would claim they were sweating when they were in fact shamefully wet.


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