Pretty Girl of the Day, October 6, 2016

Today’s pretty girls start off fully dressed, each wearing a loose-fitting shirt, or smock as if it were a dress. This is how most of the girls at the College dress for their classes.

As you know, girls at the College aren’t allowed to wear underwear. No bras, and not even panties are allowed. When they follow these rules, they are considered “decent”. To wear panties is “indecent”. As you might imagine, it can be quite difficult to patrol an entire college campus to make sure all the girls are decent.

So, at random, some girls are forced to strip naked, in public, in order to prove their decency. This isn’t anything girls should worry about; getting stripped naked in public is something that sooner or later happens to just about every girl at the college. Often, after being forced to strip, a naked girl is subjected to fondling, or even forced to masturbate in public until she cums. Many girls are deeply embarrassed by this, of course, and so they try to avoid being selected for stripping.

One way many girls have found that reduces their chances of having to strip in public is simply not wearing a bottom. This doesn’t mean the girls have to feel embarrassed, of course. A girl can wear a top as long as she likes, and as long as her pretty little butt isn’t fully covered, she stands much less risk of being stripped. Shirts or smocks like those worn by the girls in the picture, above, are ideal for this purpose. Their privates are somewhat covered, for modestly, and yet their lack of panties is quite evident.

Does dressing this way completely eliminate the risk of being stripped naked in public? Of course not. Girls are tricky. Maybe one is wearing a bra. It’s important to pick a bottomless girl every now and then, and force her to strip naked, be fondled, and even reach orgasm in public while naked, just to keep all the girls honest. But the risk is greatly reduced, so many girls dress this way at the College.

Sometimes, pretty girls just like to get naked. The girl on the left took off her smock, and now she’s helping her friend off with her shirt. It’s common for girls to get prettier after their clothes are removed. Boys who see a pair of girls taking off each others’ clothes often get aroused at the sight of their beauty. Even girls can become excited after taking off their clothes. This is evidenced by their erect nipples, engorged, and sometimes wet lips, and, in extreme cases, their vaginas may actually open up.

Often, when two girls help each other out of their clothes, additional girls will gather, and help each other get naked. It’s a joy to see all the girls become that much more beautiful as they slip into nudity.

Once they become naked, girls have a natural desire to kiss, hug, and massage one another. Here, two girls are getting ready to apply oils to the taught, young skin of another girl.

Each girl’s skin is tingling with excitement as her partner begins rubbing her soft breasts, smooth, silky belly, and tight round buttocks.

Their excitement grows as the girls gradually become more adventurous, moving the palm of the hand from the buttocks, and inserting two fingers gently into the crack; moving from the inner thigh, gently caressing first the outer, then inner labia.

Sharing bodily warmth and excitement can become a group experience, with each girl probing and thrilling the girl in front of her.

…until one of the girls arches her back, and lets out a yell of surprise and ecstasy.

I’m sure you agree the girls were very pretty to begin with, and are even prettier now!

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