Pretty Girl of the Day 1/6/2013

Today’s pretty girl is at the pool, so she happens to be naked, I hope you don’t mind.

I like to go to the pool.  It’s relaxing.  As you may know, all girls are expected to remain naked in the pool area, due to the Dress Code rules against carrying clothes.  You see, we can’t carry bathing suits to the pool area without violating the Dress Code, so we simply remove our clothes and swim in the nude.

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s what I used to think when I was a freshman: the boys will just fondle me until I get excited, and then they’ll accuse me of being sexually excited, and then fuck me.

Relax.  That doesn’t happen here.  Well, not much, anyway.  Two things: first, boys aren’t supposed to fondle girls in the pool area, just because we’re naked.  It’s an unwritten rule.   Second, we’re allowed to get a little excited here without being raped.  Of course, if a boy wants to fondle me, I have to let him, and if I get excited, and he wants to fuck me, I have to let him do that, too.  But most boys just watch.  They don’t touch.  So it’s a fun place to come and play.

When I play football with the boys, they always like it if I play center, and a boy on my team plays quarterback.  He generally gets right behind me, and sometimes runs his hands up and down my thighs to relax me.  It’s a fun game.

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