Pretty Girl of the Day 1/4/2013

Well today, we have a pictorial with not one but three pretty girls, all a little shy about taking off their panties…

That’s how I was when I was in high school, too.  Let me tell you the story, and then while I’m telling the story, you can take a little break every now and then to look at the pretty girls.  It was my junior year, the first Friday of the year, and our teacher asked all the girls wearing underwear to raise their hands, so, naturally I raised my hand, thinking all the girls would also raise their hands, but only one other girl did.   Her name was Susan.  So I got all embarrassed and said “wait, um, did you say wearing underwear, or wearing no underwear?”

The teacher had to quiet down the laughter, and I got even more embarrassed, and she said, “you heard me correctly.  I said ‘wearing underwear’, and I know you are, because I can see it between your tender little thighs.”

I clamped my legs together.  You mean all the other girls are NOT wearing underwear?  Why not?

“So now, you and Suzie need to strip down to your underwear.  You can do it right there at your desk.”

I watched as Suzie slipped out of her minidress, barely lifting her pretty ass out of her chair.  She was wearing a sexy lacy bra, and a thong with matching lace.   She didn’t seem embarrassed at all.  God, her breasts were cute.  They were so nice and small, and sitting snug in that little bra of hers.  What was that an A cup?

I snapped out of my little daydream when the teacher spoke again.  “I said down to your underwear,” she repeated for maybe the third time.

“But…”  I wasn’t wearing a bra, you see.  I didn’t really need one, to tell the truth.  My tits were not only little but really perky.  They didn’t need any support.  I was so embarrassed, my nipples must have been half an inch long.  Could people see them through my thin top?  I took off my skirt at least.  I was sure she didn’t want me to get topless at school.  That was unheard of.  Wasn’t it?  My heart was beating a mile a minute.

“Am I going to have to get one of the boys to help you?” the teacher asked.

“Help me?”  I played dumb, but in truth, I was pretty sure what I had to do.  Stripping down to my underwear meant stripping down to whatever underwear I had on.  And that was just panties.

The teacher heaved a big sigh, and the class tittered.

“Okay,” I said.  I took a deep breath, and slipped my top off, and laid it neatly on my desk.  I can’t describe how it felt to be wearing nothing but panties at school.  I had goosebumps all over my body, and I was really excited, too.  Could the teacher see the wet spot between my legs?

The teacher addressed the class.  “We’ll be doing this every Friday, girls, so get used to it.  If any of you are wearing underwear, you’ll need to strip down to your underwear.  You’ll hand in your clothes, and then you can pick them up again at the end of the school day.”

“What?”  Did I say that out loud?

The class laughed.  “Yes, I’m afraid you’ll be spending the day in your underwear.  But first, you’ll need to prove you shaved.  You’re high school juniors, now, so you should all be shaving.  Let’s start with Suzie.  Will you pull down your thong, please?”

For the first time, I saw Suzie express some emotion.  She seemed like she was about to cry.  Did she forget to shave?  Even I was curious to see.  But she seemed paralyzed.  She whispered to me, “Can you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Take my panties down?”

“Oh, sure,” I whispered.  I stood behind her, and gently slipped my hands under the waistband of her thong.

She shuddered.  “I think I’m about to cum,” she said, almost crying.

“It’s OK,” I whispered.  God, she smelled great.  I rubbed my face against her neck, and kissed it sweetly as I slipped the waistband over her rump apples.  I felt her body tense up as she sensed an imminent orgasm.

“Wait,” she said.  “Slow down.  I don’t want to cum in front of everyone.  Maybe you should start with my bra, and I’ll try to calm down.”

“Okay,” I said, releasing her thong with a snap around her thighs.  “Sorry.”  I so desperately wanted to feel between her cheeks, and follow that sweet curvature down past her asshole to her wet vagina, but I resisted the temptation.  Instead, I smoothed out my palms, and let them play over her flat, sexy, belly, and then over her firm, and I must say adorably pushed up little breasts.  I undid her bra, and almost came myself when she shrugged those cute little shoulders, letting it fall to the ground.  Still hugging her from behind, and now pressing my body against hers, I played with her naked breasts, stroking the hard nipples, when she stiffened, and even got up on her tippy toes.  “It’s okay, honey,” I whispered.  “just cum quietly.  Maybe people won’t notice.”  I felt her belly, now not only flat, but hard as a rock, and slipped my hands back into her thong, and rubbing my bare breasts against her bare back, and buttocks, letting my hair play over her pretty little body, I lowered her thong gently to the floor.

She turned around to face me, our breasts touching.  “Thank you,” she whispered, smoothing my hair.

“Now, mmmm, me” I tried to speak, but now I was cumming.

“I know,” she said.  “It’s OK.”  She was so sweet and tender, she bent at the waist, her butt facing the class, as she pulled down my panties.  I came again when she touched my pussy

“Very good, girls,” said the teacher, apparantly unaware that we both just came.  “Next Friday, remember to leave your underwear home, mmm-kay?”

We both wore just our underwear for the rest of the school day, and it was the most exciting thing I had ever done!  I must have cum four of five times that day.

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