Pretty Girl of the Day 12/28/2012

As you may know, here at the College, we have “spirit days” where we do silly things to show our school spirit — spirit dares, we call them.  Today’s spirit dare is the naked breakfast.  I know what you’re thinking.  Let some other girls go to breakfast naked, and then we can look at them (or rub their pussies and make them cum!) instead of having everyone look at us.

But there’s a catch.

The sponsors of the naked breakfast are the IPT sorority.  The pledges to that sorority make sure the first girl who shows up wearing clothes is hog tied and gagged, in the front of the cafeteria in full view of all the students.  For the remainder of the breakfast, the girl is mercilessly teased.  Last year, for example, a girl showed up wearing a cute little top and a micro-miniskirt.   Apparently, she knew it was the naked breakfast, but she was so shy about being naked that she couldn’t bear to take off her clothes for the occasion.

Would you like some examples of the things they did?  OK, here’s one.  They coated an egg with butter and slipped it into her vagina, and made her fetch glasses of orange juice.  They told her if the egg broke, she would be raped.  They laughed at her as she waddled to the juice machine, and then waddled back with two glasses of OJ.  While she was holding the OJ, the sorority girls lifted the back of her skirt, and tried to jam a stick of butter into her ass.  “Relax, honey,” they whispered, rubbing the stick of butter all over her butt cheeks, and back and forth on her asshole, waiting for it to open.  “If you clench, you might break the egg, so relax.”  Gradually, the girl relaxed her asshole, and accepted the stick of butter, which melted as the girls pushed it in.  Then, with the audience all laughing at the poor girl, the sorority girls slapped her naked butt, first gently, then harder and harder, leaving clearly visible handprints until finally, the girl clenched her pussy too hard, and the egg broke.

“Time for your first rape, honey,” the girls said, as one of the boys obliged by fucking her in the ass while egg dripped from her pussy, along with pieces of the shell.

I know what you’re thinking: what girl would be dumb enough to wear clothes to the naked breakfast.  Here’s the catch.  As the breakfast wears on, if no girl shows up wearing clothes, one of the pledges is sacrificed.  One year, the pledge was stripped naked and forced to hold her clothes between her legs while drinking prodigious amounts of water.  Her only task was to refrain from peeing for an hour while being subjected to spanking and mean-spirited fondling of all kinds.  The poor girl cried for the whole hour, and then at the end of it, she was clearly in discomfort, pressing her legs together and gyrating in an effort not to urinate on her clothing.  When the clock reached 59 minutes, and the girl though she had almost survived the challenge, one of the other pledges stopped the clock and made her drink another glass of water.  “Please,” she begged, for which she was soundly spanked.  “Please,” she begged again.  But before she could be given another spanking, she dropped her clothes on the floor, and standing stark naked for the longest time, she finally let loose with a torrent of pee, completely soaking her clothes.  For this she was punished with a series of rapes lasting the ramainder of the breakfast, and she was forbidden to wear her pledge outfit, or any other clothing for the remainder of the pledge period.  Further, she was required to lube herself on request to the point of clearly visible sexual excitement, and then submit to being raped.  The girl was raped a few times each day for the rest of the pledge period.

So, as you can imagine, it’s very important to the pledges of the IPT sorority that they find some patsy to come in wearing clothes during each naked breakfast.  Either way, the guests get to watch a fun show, and the only price of admission is nudity — not a bad deal!  Here we go!

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