Pretty Girl of the Day 1/14/2013

Please let me go!  This is unprecedented!  Are you going to keep me prisoner here until I spread for you boys?  It’s not fair!

Oh, alright.  I’ll let you look at my butthole, if you like.  Will that get you off?  I hope so.

Now, that’s it!  Please let me go!  No more poses!

3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day 1/14/2013

  1. base

    No one is holding you. You can go at anytime. But from your smile/smirk, I think we both know you are not disliking this. It is not about me getting off. No, it is about you opening your mind. That is what college is about – open minds. Will you go through life with your legs clamped shut? Are you not open to the idea of freeing yourself from society norms and chains?

    Let us consider the leg spread pose for a minute. Is it dirty? Is it unnatural? It is neither. It is just a human pose. You spread your legs for your doctor, right? Is that dirty or unnatural? No. Gymnasts spread their legs, okay most do it with panties, but their legs are spread. We admire them for the flexibility. As we might a yoga instructor. Is that dirty or unnatural? No. Would you showing your flexibility and athletic talents be considered dirty or unnatural? Of course not!

    So think about it. Would you be willing to spend all your days from this day forward with your legs firmly clamped together never knowing freedom, or would you give all those days for one day knowing you expressed your freedom for all to know and see? To declare yourself free from tyranny and the chains of society. To be free. To spread your legs and break those chains and shackles forevermore? FREEDOM!

  2. William Kazak

    You are a beautiful girl. There is no question about that. I would like to see more of you and I like having you here.


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