Pretty girl for 6/5/2011

Today’s pretty girl is on the horns of a dilema.  Here’s her very short story:

When I was in high school, I always wore my green mesh top with jeans, like this…

…but here at the college, I don’t think it will be allowed, because my top is really long enough to count as a dress, especially when I tug on it, like this…

But I think this top is too skimpy to wear it all by itself. Maybe I can get away with wearing panties, but do they match?  This is a real head-scratcher!

…so I think I might have to wear it without any bottom at all. What do you think? Can I show my face on campus wearing only this top?

Maybe if I tug on it, like this, I can feel more comfortable.

It’s such a cute top, I’m right on the edge of saying the heck with covering my pussy, and just wearing it in public. Will that be OK, do you think?

I’m a little shy about leaving my butt completely bare, but that’s silly, isn’t it? I mean, if I were wearing a thong I would feel fully clothed, but a thong doesn’t cover anything.

And besides, I just don’t own a thong that would match this top. I’m fine this way, right? Tell me I’m being over-dramatic!

Oh, the heck with it! I just feel so darned pretty in this top, I just don’t care any more!

My heart is beating so fast just thinking about going bottomless, but I really think it’s the best choice… Thanks so much for helping me through this process. I’m ready to go out, now, and enjoy my day!

I look good, don’t I? Oh, I’m such a wreck. Wish me luck!

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