Pretty Breasts (archives)

Here’s another pictorial in a series devoted to the prettiest girls on campus.  This one highlights their breasts, the best of which have a firm, round, and supple appearance.  There were lots of girls to choose from, so it was really hard to pick the one who had the nicest little titties, but after long (and hard) deliberation, I settled on this pretty girl.  Her beautiful blonde hair just tickles her nipples as she moves.


When she stretches like a kitten, her lovely breasts don’t lose their soft round shape.


From any angle, this girl is a doll.


Maybe there are other girls with tits this nice on our campus, but none nicer!  (And it doesn’t hurt that she has a pretty face, and that she’s a really sweet girl who was very kind to let me take pictures of her lovely breasts.  Thank you!)


Two for one special

I must tell you, I took great care to present the best-titted girls in the most attractive way possible, because this pictorial provides a useful service to the student body.  Girls pictured here, can be, of course very flattered to have been selected.  And those who missed out for whatever reason can thumb through these pages to get an idea what kind of chest adornments are the most attractive.  During this research, I stumbled upon this pair of lovely girls who, I must say, were exceedingly shy.  It took a good deal of coaxing to get them to agree to even photograph their breasts, and they made me promise not to show their more intimate areas…


As you can see, their breasts are gorgeous, and I respected the girls’ privacy as you can see.  However, in an unguarded moment, as the girls were bathing in each other’s tenderness, one of them accidentally allowed her legs to flop apart, and I snapped this photo.  They immediately jumped up, and tried to get the camera away from me, but track star that I am, I managed to outrun them.  I hope they’re not too mad, but, you see, I couldn’t resist posting this picture, because their breasts are really gorgeous.  I’m sure when she sees this picture, she’ll forgive me, because her breasts are just so lovely that people really won’t notice anything else.


Just to show you how sweet the girls are at this college, I want you to know the story behind this picture.  It was a cold morning, and this girl was just getting out of her car, wearing only a pair of boots and a jacket to shield her pretty little body from the elements.  She was walking away from me, swinging her naked hips in that sexy way girls do, when I called her back.  I asked her if she would mind letting me take a picture of her sans jacket, and she lit up.  “Of course,” she said, as she unzipped it.  I snapped the picture, and then she bundled herself up again.  “I suppose it’s silly,” she confided, “but even with my jacket on, I still feel a little naked.”  It didn’t seem at all silly to me, since her bare bottom was not at all covered by the jacket, but I kept that thought to myself.  “I guess we’re all naked under our clothes, aren’t we?” she observed.  “So I’ll just have to get used to that breezy feeling.”  As she walked away, I marveled at the roundness of her cheeks, and repeated her words to myself.  Breezy.  What a breath of fresh air these girls are!



Sometimes a girl can accentuate the her already lovely breasts by accessorizing.  This girl chose a bold necklace, along with a pair of earrings, which improve her appearance immeasurably!


Her breasts are just the right size, and perfectly shaped.  She’s so young and beautiful, her nipples standing at attention in the most delightful way.  Of course, it’s even better that she has a pretty face!  Her hair is all fixed up, and she looks adorable!


The only accessory she needs now is a pretty smile, and she’s ready to paint the town red!


And what tribute to accessories would be complete without reference to this girl’s whimsical fashion sense?


Listen, girls: accessories don’t have to be over the top.  What about a simple little belly ring, for example?  See how this little jewel sets off this girls ta-tas.


Big ones

If you’ve been afraid this presentation was a little one-sided, showing only the little girls, well, you’re in for a treat with this next honey.  She’s a really sweet Canadian, with Texas-sized boobs, and a hat to match!


One of the ways we were able to capture images of so many beautiful breasts was by canvasing the dorms before breakfast time before the girls were fully dressed.  This girl was kind enough to invite us in to watch her get ready.  Lucky for us, because moments after this picture was snapped, she covered those luscious mammaries with a minidress that looked really hot on her (but that will have to be the subject of another pictorial!)


Naturally delightful!


Beautiful girl; Beautiful breasts

It’s not fair!  Some girls are not only drop-dead gorgeous, but they have lovely tits to boot.  Some of the girls in this section also appear among the pretty girls.  This one is a living doll!


What does this girl’s mischievous smile belie?


What is symbolized by the apple in this girl’s lovely hands?  OK, I admit it ain’t easy to even notice she’s holding an apple once you’re captivated by the cascades of auburn and those gorgeous blue eyes.  How lucky are we to be attending this college?


We’re lucky indeed!  We really should thank the administration of this college for providing a Dress Code for these girls that doesn’t limit their freedom of individual expression.  And also, we should thank them for publicly stripping girls naked at random, which not only entertains all the students (excpet, perhaps the victim of the humiliation) but also desensitizes girls to the stigma of being naked in the semi-public setting of the campus.  How else could a girl be stark naked, and still have a smile as pretty as this?


Of course, not all girls take being stripped in stride.  The poor girl sitting on this bench was, until a few minutes ago, wearing a pretty sun dress.  You can see by the glum look on her face and the defiant spread of her legs that she’s not happy.  She was stopped, as so many girls are every day, and asked to remove her dress because it was too long, and it seemed as if she were hiding something (like panties) beneath it.  As you may know, girls aren’t allowed to wear panties under a dress, because they would make her feel “safe” and thus encourage her to wear a dress too short to be decent.  But this girl had the bad sense to object, saying her dress wasn’t too long at all.  Truth be told, it came only mid-way down her butt, and barely covered her cute little pussy, but she picked a bad moment to make that argument.  In the end, she was relieved of her dress, and cited for failure to obey an Inspector, and now she sits, naked, contemplating her mistake.

As it happens, though, her mistake is our good fortune, because had she been wearing her sun dress, we would not have been treated to the joy of her perfect little breasts.  So, you see, every trajedy has a silver lining.


More pretty tits

Not that I had many stories for the tits so far, but for these I have even less to say…

Tits on the living room couch…


Tits in the kitchen…


Tits in the bathroom…


Tits in the great outdoors…


Tits on top of a mountain…



Nice to see some pictures to illustrate your stories 😉

Been a while 🙂

Comment By B At 3/11/2008 8:12 PM

Whoever chose those photos has great taste in women. I love real tits, I do not like fake ones at all!
Comment By steve At 7/22/2009 9:33 PM

steve, how do you know the difference between real ones and fake ones. Don’t be a dumbass. By the way, I’m curious to know what kind of college establishment allows girls to walk naked freely, and whether this is a co-ed school. I want in.
Comment By justin At 8/15/2009 10:46 AM

i gotta get in this school! wear the fuck us is?
Comment By bazingas At 8/18/2009 10:33 AM

Boa demais essa muierada fi…
Comment By Prechecoso At 8/20/2009 11:45 AM

Jeeze, you guys are really gullible. This is all commercially available porn. I forget the series name, but it’s not obscure…

Do you really think some girl bloggers are taking all these split-tail beaver shots and posting them for fun? Someone is fucking with you.

Or, more likely, harvesting your email addys when you post comments (I never use my real email addy when doing so).


Comment By Frakenshowzen Titzenhosen At 10/9/2009 6:15 AM

your body is verry nice+sexy+woanderfull+more+….
i am really satisfay
please send me your photo/video
Comment By josim At 11/29/2009 7:07 AM

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