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“Hi girls!  What’s up?”  Monica sat down between Donna and Crysta on the ratty old couch in the basement rec room of their dorm, without noticing they had been kissing, and that Donna’s panties were around her ankles.  The girls were up to some Saturday afternoon fun.

Donna pulled up her panties.  “Hi, Monica,” she said brightly.  Poor Donna had almost reached orgasm.  Oh well, she thought.  There will be other orgasms.

“What’s up?” Crysta asked.

Monica put her right arm around Crysta and squeezed her right boob, and her left hand in Donna’s panties.  This is what Monica does.  She’s a very “touchy, feely” girl.  It took Donna and Crysta some time to get used to Monica, but now they take her in stride.

“Oooh, you’ve been up to something,” she said to Donna, feeling her slippery pussy.

Changing the subject, Donna said, “What have you been up to, Monica?”

“I’ve been playing pool with the boys over at Smith.  And I did great!

As Monica started to tell about her pool-playing adventures with the boys in Smith, Donna looked her up and down.  “You must have caught them off-guard with your sexy get-up,” Donna observed.  She’s a very pretty girl, and she was dressed to kill.  She wore a “scarf miniskirt”, which was hiked up so it barely covered the essentials.

“You’re right about that, Donna.”  I have to use every advantage I can get against those boys.


“Tell us more,” Crysta prompted, stroking Monica’s soft inner thigh.

“OK,” Monica said, “but have you seen the weather outside?  It’s beautiful!”

Donna got the message:  “If we go outside with you, and sit on the lawn outside the dorm, then will you tell us the story?”

“Absolutely!”  Monica took the girls by the hand, and led them up the stairs.

Crysta was a bit hesitant, because she was naked, but the other girls convinced her.  It’s right outside the dorm, they said.  You can run in later and get some clothes on if you start to feel shy.  That did the trick — the implication she might be shy, well, that’s like calling a girl “chicken”.  And Crysta was no chicken.

Once outside, Crysta didn’t know what she had been so worried about.  Hardly anyone was about, and those few girls who they saw were all dressed very casually.  Once they were relaxed on the lawn, Crysta prompted Monica to continue.  “The Smith boys play strip pool, don’t they?”

“Yes,” confirmed Monica.  “And I started off wearing only two items of clothing.  The boys always wear three items, so I’m already at a disadvantage, and I haven’t even started playing yet!”

“Two items?” Crysta interrupted.

“Yes, I had a bra, but I lost it.”  Laughing, Monica added, “I lost my skirt, too, but I won it back!”

“Go back to the beginning,” Donna prompted.  “What happened?”


“They put up their best player, Bobby, and cheered like little children every time Bobby sunk a ball.  They were practically salivating from picturing me topless.  In their minds, they were untying the little knot holding my top on, but I kept smiling.  And eventually I won the first game.  Let me tell you, Bobby looked really good with his shirt off.  I felt like taking off my top and hugging him, but I kept my cool.”

Donna sat “Indian style” and absently stroked her pussy, still wet from going at it with Crysta (or maybe from Monica’s story).

“You can take off your panties, if you like, Donna,” said Monica.

Donna smiled.  “That’s OK,” she said.  But when she thought Monica wasn’t looking, she pulled them down just a bit, for better access.

Bobby continued, “In the second game, Bobby took an early lead.  I thought he would run the table, so I had to distract him.  My scarf skirt is a perfect for distracting boys.  I just hiked it as much as I dared, and kept playing normally.”


Monica turned to Donna, and noticed her panties were down around her thighs.  “Can I lend a hand?”  Monica smiled.

Donna relaxed, and let Monica stroke her gently between the lips.  “How high did you hike it?” Donna asked.

“High enough to be sexy, but still covering enough to leave the boys wondering.  I wanted them to be distracted when I bent over to make a shot, but I didn’t want to actually show them anything.”

“So you kept your asshole and pussy covered?” Crysta asked.

“Absolutely!  I’m a decent girl,” Monica laughed.


“Did the strategy pay off?” Donna asked.

“It sure did.  Poor Bobby lost his pants.  And my skirt was short enough to make the sweet boy pitch a tent in his boxers.”

“That’s great!” Donna said, practically cumming with joy for her friend’s victory.

“But nothing lasts forever,” lamented Monica.  “I lost the next game.  I was about to take off my top, when the boys started arguing over whether I should take off my skirt instead.  I begged them to let me take off my top, but they didn’t agree right away.  They made me lie on the pool table while they thought it over.  It was humiliating.  I felt like a piece of meat.  They said things like It’s only a matter of time before we get you naked, so you might as well get it over with now.”

“Those nasty boys,” laughed Crysta.

“They really were!” agreed Monica.


“But in the end, they let me keep my skirt on.  Bobby and I played another game for the ultimate victory.  Each of us was wearing our bottoms, and one of us would be naked when the game was over.  It was very tense.”


“You won, right?” asked Donna, observing that Monica was still wearing her miniskirt.

“Actually,” said Monica, pausing.  She looked Donna up and down.  “Actually, I won’t tell you the rest of the story until you take off those infernal panties!”

Donna looked around.  Seeing no one nearby, she stripped naked, and laid the panties carefully next to her.

Monica stood up, put her fingers in her mouth, and whistled louder than any human should be able to whistle.  A boy about a hundred yards away turned to look.  Donna covered her face as Monica called him over.  The boy came running, smiling from ear to ear at the three girls — two naked, and one nearly naked.  The nearly naked girl bent over, and picked up the panties.  “Will you take these home with you, and do what you want with them?”  The boy agreed, and with one long last look at the naked girls, he scampered off.

“Monica!” Donna protested.  “Those were silk!”

“I’m sure he’ll enjoy them all the more, then,” said Monica, laughing.  Crysta joined in, and eventually Donna did, too.

Keeping her promise, Monica continued.  “No, I lost.”

“You lost!” said Donna and Crysta together.

“Yes, it was humiliating.  They made me lie on the table again.  Bobby had a hard-on the size of Montana.  He slowly loosened my skirt, and pulled it off.”


“‘Come again soon,’ said the boys as they gestured me to the door.  Thinking fast, I said Bobby, we can still pay another game for my skirt, even though I don’t have any clothes on, can’t we?  Bobby said we could, but what if you lose?  What will you do then?  I told him if I lost then I would stay naked for a week.  I would go to all my classes naked, I would go to the cafeteria naked, sleep in the nude, and go out in the evenings naked.

“That was a fine offer,” said Donna.

“Not good enough, apparently.  He said I would have to do better.  I said a month, then.  And he said no, he was thinking along the lines of more naked girls than just me.  He said if I could get two other girls to be naked with me for a week, then he would play again.


“Three naked girls!  Those are high stakes” said Crysta.  “So what happened?”  Crysta knew Monica won the game, because she obviously got her skirt back.

“It was a tough game,” Monica said.  “Every time I bent forward to make a shot, he stroked my butt.  Sometimes he slipped a finger between my cheeks.  I knew I needed to steady myself to make each shot, so I tried to ignore him, but it wasn’t easy.  He was getting me hot, and he knew it.”

“There’s no hiding a wet pussy,” Donna agreed.  She turned bright red when she realized her own wet pussy was on display.  The story was keeping her excited.

Laughing, Monica agreed.  “It was my last shot.  Victory was in hand.  I spread my legs apart to steady myself, and tried to ignore Bobby as he first stuck his finger in my pussy, and then his dick.”

“He stuck his dick in your pussy while you were trying to play pool?!” Crysta asked.

“It turns out there’s no rule against it,” Monica lamented.  “I was just about to shoot, when Bobby shot, too!”

“Oh, my God!” Donna exclaimed.

“So I missed.  I had been so looking forward to seeing Bobby naked, too.”

“But wait a minute,” Crysta said.  “You lost the game, and now you and two other girls will have to be naked for a week. How did you get your skirt back?”

“Bobby took pity on me.  With cum squirting out of my pussy, and running down my legs, he said it wasn’t fair to send me out totally naked.  He said I could wear the skirt for a little while longer.”

Just then, the chimes went off.  “Oh, crap!  It’s six o’clock already, and I didn’t eat yet?  Did you girls eat?”

Donna and Crysta hadn’t eaten either.  There was just enough time to get to the dining hall, but not enough time to stop by their rooms and get clothes first.  This was a real dilemma.  In the end, hunger won out, and the girls ran to the dining hall.  As they were running, Monica’s skirt flew off.  She started to go back for it, but Donna and Crysta pulled her by the hand.  “Hurry!” they said.

The three girls arrived at the dining hall just as the greeter was about to lock the front door.  He smiled when he saw they were all naked.  “Good evening, girls,” he said, holding the door open for them.

There were a surprisingly large number of people in the dining hall for six PM on a Saturday, and they were all fully dressed, which was also quite unusual.  They were almost all boys, although there were some girls there, too.  And none of them were eating.  It looked like they all finished eating some time earlier.

The girls shrugged their shoulders, picked up their trays and started going through the line.  They sat down at a table near the front of the room, and started chatting about this and that.

“You were funny when you lost your skirt,” Donna said.

“I hate being naked in public,” Monica admitted.

“Me too,” Donna agreed.  “Luckily, it’s just for a little while.  We’ll go back to the dorm later where it’s OK to be naked.”

“Well, actually, we’re going out tonight,” Monica said.  She pushed out her chair.  “Stand up,” she said.

Monica stood up while the two girls just looked at her.  “Stand up,” Monica repeated.

Cautiously, the two naked roommates stood.  The room erupted in applause.   The girls were dumbfounded.

“What’s going on?” Crysta asked, politely nodding at the applauding crowd.  Donna covered her pussy as they kept applauding.

“The three of us will spend the next week naked,” Monica explained.  “You two and I will pay off my bet.”

Crysta smiled, because she had seen this coming.  But Donna was outraged.  “We’re what?  Oh, you little–” Donna took off chasing Monica throughout the room, and eventually wrestled her to the ground.

“Come on, Donna,” Monica said, panting, “It’ll be fun.”

Donna realized it was pointless to argue.  And besides, Monica was one of the girls’ best friends, and it will be good to help her out of this jam.

“OK,” Donna said, resigned to her fate.  “Naked for a week.  But I’m not going anywhere except class, dining hall, and back to the dorm.”

“I’m afraid I also promised the boys that the three of us would go out with them wherever they wanted to go every night for a week.  Tonight we’re going to the club in town.”

Donna hit Monica a few more times, while Crysta laughed and the boys continued applauding.

I do something similar, but I’m much too shy to actually play strip pool with a boy. What I do is play pool at at he Student Union making sure some friends see me. Then when my friends leave, I sneak off to the restroom and leave my clothes in the trash. Walking out naked is exciting, but walking back in the dorm is thrilling. All the girls come rushing over to find out what happened. I explain how I was hustling pool – they all know I’m really good since my daddy runs a pool hall – when some guy cleaned me out, and I bet my clothing to get the money back.
Comment By Shy Nomore At 10/7/2007 4:40 PM

Once, there was girl named Nancy. She said, ‘You must not be as good of a pool player as you think.’ I said I was better than I think, and I could prove it to her. The next evening I took her over the Student Union pool room. I told her to pick out anyone as her champion. I’d play strip pool with him, but rather than stripping him, Nancy would have to strip as I sunk the nine ball. She asked around and found the guy. He’s good, but I knew I was better. Besides once I explained the rules, he looked Nancy up and down smiling. He played as if it looked like he was trying, but he was really setting me up to run the table. Nancy lost all her clothes, and everyone else believed me about my ‘loses’ without question.
Comment By Shy Nomore At 10/7/2007 4:45 PM

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