Panty Rules (archives)

Panty Rules

The Dress Code is designed to encourage the greatest degree of decency among the girls of the College by making it difficult for girls to dress in an indecent manner. For example, short skirts can be indecent and distracting. To discourage girls from wearing very short miniskirts, they are forbidden to wear panties under their miniskirts. It is expected that girls who wear miniskirts will want to make sure they are at least long enough to cover their bottoms if they can’t wear panties under them.


Here is a girl wearing a miniskirt she thought was plenty long, and, as required by the Dress Code, she did not wear panties. To her utter embarrassment, when she leaned over the wall to feed the birds, her lack of apnties became evident. It is expected that she will learn from this experience that a skirt this short should simply not be worn at the college.

Oh poo! She’s wearing a perfectly decent skirt. It’s the low camera angle. I wear much shorter skirts, and no problems keeping myself decent. No one ever complains too much is showing. In fact, the boys and some girls tell me I look great in my skirts.

Like the other day. I’m walking across campus enjoying the breeze, when a poor boy with his hands wrapped in bandages drops a roll of quarters. He asked me to help pick his laundry money. Of course, I did. Poor boy couldn’t do it himself. I walked all over and bent down. I even crawled looking for some. I found it all.

I looked up and told him, ‘You must have spilled a soda on your pants. I can see the stain. It is still wet.’

I like helping people.

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