Panty Pulling (archives)

Hi, I’m Donna. Maybe you know me already from reading the articles posted on various websites. But if not, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I have brown hair, boys think I’m cute, and I’ve got a roommate, Crysta, who is every bit as cute as I am. Crysta is more of an exhibitionist than I am, but I’m willing to go out around campus without my top, and with a little coaxing, Crysta will go out that way, too. (Although Crysta prefers to go bottomless than topless.)

When we go out wearing just our bikini bottoms (or sometimes we just wear our panties) there’s a game we play called “Panty Pulling”. It’s a pact between us girls. It works like this: I can pull down Crysta’s panties, but only if I’m willing to have mine pulled down the same amount. This way we’re in control of how much of our butts we show in public.


If I want most of my butt to stay covered, I just make sure not to pull Crysta’s panties down too far. Then she can pull mine down only as far as her own, unless she’s willing to have hers pulled down farther. Whichever girl’s panties are pulled down the farthest is the only one who is allowed to pull the other girl’s panties.

Oh, and one more rule. Never, under any circumstances, is either girl allowed to pull her panties up, or for that matter, down. All panty-handling is the *other* girl’s responsibility. Another thing about the way we play our game: subtlety is the name of the game. We never overtly yank the other girl’s panties down. Instead, we hug each other, and surreptitiously ease the other girl’s panties down her sexy hips. One of Crysta’s favorite tricks is to engage me in a passionate lip-lock, touching me all over my body. Naturally, I respond, hugging her, and pressing my naked breasts into hers. When she finally finishes kissing me, I find my panties an inch or two lower than they were before, and then there’s nothing I can do about it except perhaps pull hers down using a similar trick.

It was a typical morning, and we decided to play the Panty Pulling game — I talked her into it, really, because, as I said, Crysta’s a bit embarrassed about going topless. But she finally agreed. Before we even left the room, I sealed the game with a hig, and as we pressed our bodies together, I started the game by pulling her panties exactly half-way down her butt, so the top was exactly even with her butt-hole. That gave her the next move. She waited until we were in line for breakfast. She stood behind me, and pressed into me, first stroking my hair, then massaging my breasts. I never noticed when she did it, so much was I enjoying the tit rub, but when she was done, my panties were an inch lower. I felt relieved my ass was still covered, although I have to hand it to Crysta: that was a shrewd move. According to the rules, she had the next move, because her panties were still farther down her butt than mine.

So I had to walk around the cafeteria, not only topless, but with the strap of my panties loose between my legs. I’m sure some boys got a good view of me. The worst part of it was not knowing when my next panty pulling would happen. Twice Crysta tricked me by kissing me and *not* lowering my panties.

I was feeling pretty good to make it through breakfast still pretty much covered. Our first class was Anatomy, and since we were playing a fun game, we sat next to each other. I was ready for Crysta to trick me again by groping me in her passionate way, but she didn’t do that. Instead, she waited until we were seated, and casually stroked my flat belly, making little circles on my skin. She went lower and lower, toward my pussy, but she stopped at the edge of my panties, which were exactly even with the top of my pussy. I desperately wanted to lower my panties to let her continue her downward path on my abdomen, but I knew that was against the rules. I was tingling with excitement, and it overwhelmed me to the point that I actually begged her to pull my panties down just a little more. She uncovered the very top of my pussy, where my lips come together, and she gently stroked me there, but my clit was still covered. I knew I could keep begging, but that wasn’t getting me very far. So I realized that two girls could tease each other. Her panty strap was slack, and the way she was sitting, so low in her seat, gave me good access to her thighs. I stroked her inner thighs, gradually approaching her pussy, which was fully accessible. I stroked her up to her lips, but I stayed out of the wet zone, letting her suffer as much as possible. I could tell I was getting to her, because she started nuzzling me — I know her well enough now to know she does that when she’s almost ready to cum. I kept her teetering on the edge, and then begged her one more time to lower my panties. She was in such a state of sexual tension that she gave in, and lowered my panties just below my clit, and gently stroked it until I came. While I was cumming I must have arched my back, lifting my ass off the seat, because the next thing I knew, the back of my panties were even with the bottom of my butt, where my cheeks meet the tops of my legs.

To punish Crysta for teasing me so badly, and for pulling my panties down so far, I continued teasing her for the remainder of the class period. The ball was in my court now that my pussy and asshole were fully uncovered. The next move was mine, and Crysta would be unable to lower her own panties, no matter how much she wanted to. When the class ended, I looked down and saw my panties were pretty much gone, now. My pussy was out in the open, and my butt was fully uncovered. There wasn’t much I could do about it, so I just stood up, and let the boys admire my privates. It would only be a matter of time before I got Crysta back, and she knew it.

We had an hour or so free before lunch, so we decided to sit on the grass outside the dining hall and read. Well, my idea was to read, but Crysta just wanted to lie down and work on her tan. This was too distracting to me — Crysta with her arms behind her head, her legs akimbo on the grass, and her panties barely covering her pussy. I tickled her armpits, and she managed not to react, although I saw the goose bumps. I massaged her breasts, and I could tell I was getting to her, because her nipples hardened. Then, with one hand I stroked her inner thighs, and with the other, her belly. I continued this until she raised her butt off the grass. I knew she was about to cum, so I eased up a bit. I teased her relentlessly until she begged me to take her panties all the way off.

“I’ll take off your panties if you agree to end the game, and let pull my panties up all the way.”

“No,” she said petulently.

“Well then, I have no choice other than to keep teasing you.”

“Wait, wait!” she said. “I’ll offer you a comprimise. If you take off my panties and finish me, then I’ll let you leave your panties right where they are for the rest of the day.”

I thought it over as I kept her right on the edge. It was a better deal than she offered last time — she made me walk all over campus with my panties around my ankles, which was even worse than no panties at all becuase it was a reall attention-getter. “OK,” I said. “You have a deal.”

No sooner did I strip her naked than she came, again and again, her pussy streaming with girl cum. I rubbed it all over her, between her legs and onto her belly. Unencumbered by panties, she spread her legs wide, and arched her back, giving me full access to all her girl parts. She thanked me by kissing me with all her passion, and hugging me with both her arms and legs wrapped around me. I supported her and felt her up between her cheeks — something she didn’t mind a bit as she continued to kiss me, our girl juices intermingling.

I was glad to have my panties for the rest of the day, and since Crysta was naked, most people didn’t even notice that my pussy was uncovered. I actually enjoyed her nudity all the more because she had full access to my pussy, and took advantage of that as I alternated between teasing her and satisfying her.


My roommate and I play a similar game, but we text message each other. You have to unbutton , pulldown, or take off as instructed by the text message.

It’s fun to do during a boring lecture. I text, -v- dwn 1′ for her to pull down her panties one inch. I know wherever she is, she’ll have to follow the command, like SHRT 3 bttns for open 3 shirt buttons.

Once I was really nervous about giving a speech in front of the class, so my roomie promised to send me encouraging text messages. I received -v- dwn 6′ just as I started the speech. I stood behind hte podium and did it. By the time I was done giving the speech, I was naked. I thanked my roomie. I wasn’t nervous about giving the speech with my mind on stripping in front of the whole class as the professor video taped it.

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