Panties Not Needed (archives)

I hate panties. They ride up my crack, they’re uncomfortable when I’m sitting, they’re uncomfortable when I’m standing. Who invented panties, anyway. Men, I bet.


When I’m wearing a short skirt, it’s even worse. I’m so embarrassed when people see my panties. I’m fed up with panties. I’ve put up with them for long enough. Now I’m going to do something about them — I’m doing without!


Now my problems are over. No more wedgies. No more discomfort. And no more embarrassment. I can sit down in my short skirt, finally, with the confidence that no one will see my panties again!


If you don’t want people to see your panties, you might think again about hanging them on the doorknob.

Most girls will place all their panties in a bag and take them down for donation. As needy girls might not even have a bottom and would love to have your used panties.

Once down at the donation center, many girls realize how lucky they are to have so many extra clothes. Some are incredibly generous and literally give the shirt off their back. And those coming down in small groups often will donate the skirt off their backsides, too.

Comment By base At 10/11/2007 5:22 AM

If only more people could think this way. We would be so respected in the world. And people in the Middle East would have enough to eat and all.
Comment By Mystery Man At 8/8/2010 9:54 PM

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