Pajama Day

(This is the story of a quiet girl named Tammy, whose mom thought it would be a good idea for her to take Donna’s CP class. Tammy is very pretty, with straight light brown hair, blue eyes, a pretty smile, small breasts, flat belly, extra cute butt, and thin legs. CP stands for “College Preparation”, and, true to its name, it prepares high school kids to go to the local college, which has a very strict Dress Code and Code of Conduct. The Dress Code requires girls to wear at most one top and one bottom, and doesn’t allow them to overlap. So no tucking your shirt into your pants or skirt, and no wearing any underwear. The purpose of this rather odd Dress Code is to encourage girls to wear decent clothing. The thinking is that a girl will take greater care to wear a long skirt or dress if she isn’t allowed to wear anything under it. Of course, girls will be girls, and so they might cheat. But the College stands ready to fight back, by publicly inspecting the girls from time to time (when they least expect it) to ensure they are following the Dress Code. Needless to say, there aren’t nearly enough Inspectors to go around, so the boys are all deputized to Inspect girls as needed. So, whenever a boy suspects that a girl might be violating the Dress Code, he can ask her to remove her clothing. This Inspection is strictly to ensure girls are following the rules, and not just for his amusement. The girl, for her part, is eager to show him that she is a good girl, so she will comply with his request and remove her clothing. If she is slow to comply, or if she is violating the Dress Code in any way, the boy can simply confiscate some or all of the girl’s clothing, as a punishment for this one girl, and to help her comply with the Dress Code, and as a deterrent to other girls.

As a practical matter, girls at the College tend to wear very little clothing, both to show they are complying with the Dress Code, and so they can remove it quickly when called upon to do so. Many girls wear only a top, leaving their bottom completely bare. While this sort of behavior isn’t prohibited by the Dress Code, it is discouraged, because the presence of half naked girls on campus and in classrooms can be distracting to other students. So to discourage girls from wearing too little clothing, students are permitted to touch any girl’s bare skin. The thinking is that girls who feel comfortable leaving parts of their bodies unclothed should also feel comfortable having another student touch those parts. Conversely, a girl will be reluctant to leave unclothed a part of her body she feels is private, and should not be fondled by other students. This allows girls to strike a happy medium between the convenience of wearing a short top and no bottom vs the modesty required not only to dress decently but also to be free from arbitrary fondling of private areas.

Each girl is free to strike the balance between convenience and decency any way she likes. A shy girl, for example, may wish to wear a top that covers half of her butt, or even more, so that she can limit the fondling to her upper leg, which a boy can feel, if he likes, all the way to the top of her upper thigh. But in wearing her top so long, the shy girl runs the risk that a boy might suspect her of wearing underwear, so she runs the risk of being asked to remove it, so that the boy might verify she isn’t wearing any bra or panties. A girl who is less shy might prefer to wear a less substantial top — one that’s thinner, so her nipples can be seen through it, and one that’s smaller, leaving her belly uncovered, and perhaps her back as well. A top like that makes it extremely unlikely the girl is wearing underwear, so she is much less likely to have to remove it for an Inspection. Although girls are permitted to wear bottoms, as long as they don’t overlap, a girl should think long and hard before putting on even a short skirt, because she might be asked to remove not only the skirt, but all of her clothing, leaving her completely naked. As long as she isn’t shy, a girl is better off wearing just a skimpy top, and no bottom at all.

Finally, to deter girls from leaving their most intimate of areas unclothed, any girl who exposes herself in a sexually aroused condition is, by her own prior agreement, deemed to be asking to have sexual relations with any boy who sees her in that condition. You see, as a condition of being allowed to partake in the College life, each girl pledges to allow herself to be raped, but only in the event that she exposes herself to a boy in such an aroused condition. By requiring girls to agree in advance to be raped, the rape is consensual. No girl will be raped who hasn’t already agreed that it’s okay. Moreover, a girl should feel free to wear any kind of clothing she wants, even if the clothing leaves her pussy or anus open to public view. A girl should understand, however, that just keeping herself fully clothed isn’t always sufficient to avoid being raped. Even if she is fully clothed, she may be asked at any time to remove her clothing for the purpose of Inspection. While she is naked, she may be fondled, and the fondling may lead to sexual excitement, and this leaves her open to being raped. In such a case, the girl can be said to have brought the rape upon herself by wearing clothing that covered her to a suspicious degree, making her vulnerable to Inspection, and everything that followed.

It is these treacherous waters of the Dress Code, Inspections, Fondling, and Consensual Rape that Donna teaches these young and vulnerable girls to navigate. CP class.)

“Let’s have some fun!” Donna said, pumping her fists in the air. Yes, it was going to be a fun day. Pajama Day. A fun day for both girls and boys, who come to school in their PJ’s. No underwear allowed unless it’s part of a set, like a baby doll nighty.

“Okay, kids, settle down. My, you all look so adorable in your bedclothes! I’ll pick a boy and a girl, and you each draw a card. If you draw the same number, you draw again. Whoever has the lower card strips. I mean stark naked! But the naked person won’t stay naked for long, because the one still wearing their pajamas or nighty or whatever will share with the other person. So you both draw again. Whoever has the high card gets to pick one item to wear, leaving your partner with the other item — if any! I see some of you have decided to come dressed in one-piece outfits. Didn’t you read the rules?

“I’m sorry, okay? I tried,” said Tammy. “I really wanted to wear the top and bottom of my babydoll nightie, but my mom–”

“It’s okay, Tammy, I’m not mad. Besides, it’ll make the game interesting if there’s a possibility of one of you being naked, especially if it’s a boy!”

Donna called the first girl and the first boy. The girl was wearing a satin outfit. The top was thin, lacy and low-cut, and the bottom was a pair of sexy shorts. The boy was wearing flannel pajamas. They drew cards, and held them up. The boy won. He heaved a sigh of relief as the girl took everything off. “No covering up,” warned Donna. The girl spread her legs, and interlaced her fingers behind her head. “Pick again,” she reminded them. The girl got the high card this time. “Should I take his pants?” then she laughed, and took his top. It was so big on her, it almost came down to her knees!

Next up, a girl wearing a sheer baby doll nighty, with a front slit and matching sheer pink panties up against a boy wearing lightweight summer pajamas with shorts. Uh oh, the boy lost the first draw, and had to strip. This wasn’t going to work out well for him. He won the next draw, and took the girl’s panties. Luckily, the panties tied on the sides, so he was able to re-tie them to fit him. He sure looked funny in those panties, but that’s what’s so fun about this game. You never know what you’ll end up with.

One by one, the girls and boys paired up, until only Tammy was left. “There’s one more girl than boy today. Tammy, you already look like you lost the game, but I’ll give you a chance to play against me, okay?” Donna was wearing a sexy knit top, and a pair of matching panties. The two girls drew cards. “Oh, darn! I lost,” Donna said, grinning. She took off her panties, first, and then, while she was naked below the belly button, she pretended to be shy.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!” yelled the class.

Just then, the vice principal walked into the room. The class got so quiet you could hear a pin drop. “Don’t mind me,” he said. “Continue stripping, Donna.”

Donna blushed, but she did as she was told. She even handed her top to the man. “Let’s pick again, Tammy.” The girls picked another card, and this time, Donna won.

“I’m so sorry, Tammy,” said Donna. “But I can’t let you slide. It could have just as easily been me. I hope you under–”

“It’s okay, Donna. I understand.” Tammy took off her nightie, and handed it to Donna. “It’s just that, well, my mom. I promised her I wouldn’t come home naked two days in a row.”

“Oh, this is so sad,” said the vice principal. “Donna, you shouldn’t take this girls only shred of clothing, but I do see your point that a game is a game… So I know what I’ll do. *I’ll* keep this nightie, and you can both be naked!”

With that, he left.

The whole class erupted in laughter, even Donna and Tammy.

The rest of the morning was lots of fun, and Tammy didn’t mind being naked. There was a real sense of community, which was developing in the classroom. Many of the other girls were topless or bottomless, which helped Tammy feel comfortable. Even the boys were under-dressed, which was nice.

The rest of the morning was spent playing games, like blindfold kissing, for example, where a girl comes up to the front of the room, puts on a blindfold, and then she tries to guess the gender of classmates who come up to kiss her. The rule that makes it so much fun is that there’s no touching allowed, except lips and tongue.

But then the bell rang.

Morning was over. Time for lunch, which was uncomfortable for Tammy, because just about all of the other girls would be wearing clothes. It’s not as if the other girls shunned her for being naked, but they just didn’t seem as friendly. Even if she was just wearing a skirt, and nothing else, her friends would greet her with a kiss when they met for lunch. But today, even her best friends just gave her a little hug, and maybe a pat on the butt. Once she was sitting down with her friends, it was a little better. A few of the girls were topless, so it felt more natural seeing just the upper halves of their bodies.

Next: the afternoon classes, with the general population. English, Math, and Science, and English. Naked. Tammy hoped at least a few of the girls would be topless in English class, but no such luck. Math was a little better, because the boy from her CP class who was wearing just a pair of girls panties was in her Math class. Tammy teased him by giving him a big kiss while stroking his chest, causing him to have a very visible erection, which was fun.

Finally, the last class of the day: Science. One of the girls misbehaved in class, and the teacher spanked her. That was fun for Tammy because the girl was wearing a really cute top, so when she took off her blue jeans and panties for her spanking, she looked really adorable. The spanking excited her, too, which made her look even prettier from the back. When the spanking was over, her butt was as red as her pussy, and when she went looking for her pants and panties, they were gone. The boys thought that was a clever prank, but I felt sorry for the girl.

The final bell rang, and Tammy was glad she survived the afternoon in the nude, but she still had one ordeal to go — the bus ride home. For some reason our bus was late, so I stood with the other kids on the sidewalk outside the school. I recognized the girl who had been spanked in my science class. She had recovered nicely from her spanking, but she was upset that she still had not located her pants. Tammy hugged her, and told her how pretty she looked in the top, and it was no lie. She had adorable little breasts, and cute round cheeks, and thin legs. Her top was hip-length, covering most of her belly. Her pussy was completely shaved, and very smooth and pretty.

The bus was crowded, and the bottomless girl offered to stand, but Tammy offered her lap, and the girls sat together. Tammy stroked the girl’s thighs, and she relaxed, spreading her legs to the outside of Tammy’s legs. Both girls giggled as Tammy teased the bottomless girl, stroking her thighs so sweetly and gently, right up to the top, and then skipping over her pussy to stroke her flat belly, and beneath her top, right up to her adorable little tits, playfully pinching her erect nipples. Suddenly the girl arched her back, and pressed her face into Tammy’s neck, saying “Mmmmm.”

“Is this is your stop?” Tammy asked as the doors opened.

“Mmmmm,” was all the girl could say.

“What the hell happened did you do?” Tammy’s mom yelled. “This is the second time this week you’ve come home from school naked.

“Um, mom, this is um,..”

“Barbie,” said the bottomless girl, helpfully.

“She missed her bus stop,” Tammy added.

Tammy’s mom stopped yelling for a minute, and smiled at Barbie. She looked her up and down, then said, “See, Tammy? Here’s a girl who knows how to dress for school.” Then, to Barbie, she added, “that’s a very pretty outfit.”

“Um, mom, she was str—” Tammy was stopped by an elbow to the belly.

“Thank you, Tammy’s mom,” said Barbie.

“As for you, young lady, I have hidden all your underwear, your bottoms, your dresses, and even your long tops. You are going to learn to dress correctly for CP class, like Barbie here, and then hopefully you won’t be punished every day.”

“But mom!”


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m really liking the line of Tammy stories. Will there be some stories where she needs to apply the principles she learned in CP elsewhere in the high school?

  2. someone

    I don’t understand this story. If you are always mistreated unilaterally, are already shy and are then interrupted every time you want to say something, how are you supposed to feel?


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