Nudity — not unusual (archives)

Nudity — not unusual

The way the Dress Code is enforced — selectively inspecting girls with longer dresses — results in a lot of bottomlessness around campus. Girls have just resigned themselves to wearing nothing on their cute little butts. Some wear microminidresses (without panties, of course). Others wear just a top, with little regard to whether it even reaches down to their naked little pussies.


It’s a small jump from bottomless to totally naked — it’s just a matter of taking off her top, really. Lots of girls go topless anyway. People are so used to seeing bottomless girls, that total nudity isn’t much of a shock any more. Here’s a girl going about her business around campus, and she happens not to be wearing any clothes, which is completely normal. The other people don’t even notice.

Yes. This is true. Natural behavior from my country, too. The idea of sexy clothes is to make mystery. Makes the boys want to see more. Show all, and the boys have no dress to look up or no blouse to look down. They see whatever they see whenever they see it. No big deal for the boys.

Since my English reading is not so well yet, I sent my clothes back to home country. I did not want the trouble for wearing not the right clothes. Life is better now. Inspectors smile and all the boys they are friendly. Some girls not so friendly, but some girls yes friendly, no? Yes. this is better for me I think.

Comment By Zanna At 10/18/2007 7:21 PM

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