Nude with a Purpose

Some of my friends think I’m weird. I don’t see it that way. Here’s the deal…

I enjoy nude sun bathing in public, but I don’t enjoy being nude in public.

Confused? Apparently so are my friends. Let me try to explain. When I want to work on my tan or just enjoy the sunshine on my naked body because it feels so good, I have no issue with stripping down and going somewhere to layout. If I’m meeting other friends to lay out, I don’t have a problem with walking across campus naked. I mean, I’m going to be nude in the sun soon enough anyway.

dressed to sunbathe

But the thought of walking across campus naked to meet them for a movie or a cup of coffee or scoop of ice cream? No way am I going nude! That just isn’t right.

They don’t get it. To them, either reason, I’m walking across campus naked. To me, there’s a huge difference. One has a purpose of being nude. It is normal to be nude when nude sunbathing. So of course, I’d be nude going to nude sun bathing with my nude sun bathing friends. Makes perfect sense to me.

But nude coffee drinking? Now you are just walking around nude for no other reason than to nude. It is not normal to drink coffee or eat ice cream nude in public places.

One of my friends called me to come over and join her for a shower. Knowing how much easier it is to wash your hair and back with a friend helping, I gladly agreed. And of course, I arrived carrying a clean towel ready to shower. Makes no sense to shower other than nude right? But when she suggested we get something at the Student Union cafe, I insisted on going back to my dorm room to put something on. I was not going to sit at the cafe with just a towel wrapping my wet hair. And it made no difference that I had walk right pass the cafe on my way back to my dorm.

I don’t see why they don’t get it. There are perfectly good times when you’ll be nude in public places, but that does not mean you ought to be naked other times. Just because I am quite willing to be the one naked walking across campus to sun bathe or shower does not mean I’m willing to be naked walking across campus to do other things.

Tell me, am I being weird, or are they for thinking nude is nude. I think nude with a purpose is different than nude for no good reason.

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9 thoughts on “Nude with a Purpose

  1. evaluator

    Understand completely. Answering the door naked, mid-shower, to pay the paper boy, is understandable. But going to the college football game in the altogether — that might be a bit uncomfortable.

  2. Mzm

    I’ll say, right now, there are far more reasons for girls to not wear clothes than there are for covering up. It’s good to see such thing as a community being more understanding about it.

    1. base Post author

      perhaps. It’s a character I like. Someone who is comfortable being naked when nudity is expected, but dislikes being naked otherwise. Yet she seems to find herself naked more than not, and explaining/rationalizing why.

      1. Seuern

        Yes, she’s very interesting and with a contradictory attitude towards nudity I’ve yet to see on any other story. Maybe a new theme of character. I hope if you do continue her though, you avoid the inspection route prefering her being tricked, for a lack of a better term. By that, I mean by starting where she feels comfortable naked then something comes up and getting dressed isn’t a truly valid option. In all honesty from a lurker of antiquity, this story has potential. You are the author of the story that tickled my fancy though and with that I can but say thank you and good luck if you pursue further.

  3. Michelle

    Not weird at all to be naked sometimes and not other times. If I am having the cable man over, or the plumber, or the roofers, electricians, workmen, etc. they always give a time frame of approx 3-4 hours when they might show up. I cant stop my whole day to wait so I often sun bathe in the yard or hop in the shower. It never fails that as soon as I am naked they show up, but its not like I can make them wait until I am dressed, right? So I have to deal with the men who come to my house naked. They are very nice about it and never complain. I find manners are getting better and better.

    1. base Post author

      As long as when you answer the door you are wet or covered in sun tan oil, no one would dare complain. They should realize they are interrupting you. However, if you are dry and naked, the plumber might get the idea you are hitting on him, and that makes for an awkward situation.

      True story: I was a paperboy, and I stopped by a house to collect. The woman was sunbathing in the backyard. She answered the door holding a towel to her front. When she turned to get her purse, I realized she was only wearing a small bikini bottom. In my dreams she dropped the towel, but the reality was she was able to keep the towel in place.

  4. Lola Dean

    I understand your perspective, I myself prefer to be nude or just wearing a towel one of my personal favorite alternate clothing options


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