No More Violence

Carli was fed up. Her newsfeed was filled with acts of violence. She didn’t care who was responsible. Violence has no place in our civil society. Change comes by peaceful protests. Carli ignored the political debates and rallies. That was not her interest. Yet the violence was something she could no longer ignore.

Carli decided to take action, peacefully.

Stepping out naked was her act of disobedience. She vowed to remain naked until everyone stopped committing violent acts towards others.

Amy tried to explain to Carli, “But if ending the violence means you’ll end being naked, I’m really not sure who will vow to end violence?” Then Amy reminded Carli, “Being nude means the boys can grope or possibly do more to you.” Carli accepted that. She would not fight back. If they wanted to touch her, fine. If she was aroused, she understood the penalty. She was not going to commit violence.

Didn’t matter to Carli. She sought peace. Her nudity was a pledge of “Make Love, Not War.” It may have been due to her Mennonite childhood upbringing, but violence was never the answer. Turn the other cheek, and in her case, butt cheek.

Make Love, Not War

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