My Friend Katie

Hello again! It’s Abby here and today, I’d like to tell you about my friend Katie.

I’ve known her for a long time and she’s always treated me like her little sister. She’s smart and highly academic but the only thing is, she tends to drink way too much. I have saved her from many incidents while she has been drunk but she never believes me when I tell her in the morning, her favourite line being, “I would have remembered anything that bad.” but she never does.

Here she is at the last campus party we were at.

As you can see, she was so drunk that she was unaware that she was starting to expose herself too much. I was about to rush over and pull her dress down but then decided that if I took a few more photos of her drunk and showed her when she was sober the kind of trouble she gets into without my intervention, it might be a wakeup call.

She saw me with the camera and tried to get up to take it off me but she was far too drunk to even get out of the chair.

All she ended up doing was collapsing back into it and accidentally exposing her breasts to some of the other party goers. This caught the interest of three boys who started heading in our direction. I called out her name and yelled at her to cover her tits but in her drunken state she didn’t have the coordination to do it properly, leaving one boob hanging out.

The three boys were now close to us. They saw my camera but didn’t want to get in shot. They talked amongst themselves and I couldn’t hear what they were saying but then one of them said, “Hey Katie! That’s a really nice necklace you’re wearing!”

This made her pick it up to look at it and in the process, she exposed her other boob again.

Then the second boy said, “Hey Katie! It’s quite sunny out here. I put some suntan lotion on your chest so that you wouldn’t burn. Why don’t you rub it in?”

He was lying of course and you could see that Katie was a bit confused but as she was too drunk to think properly, she lowered the front of her dress even more and began rubbing her tits as if she was rubbing lotion in.

I nearly lost it! I didn’t like seeing my friend being taken advantage of and I was about to step in but then thought that if I just get pictures and show her how bad she gets, it might shock her into changing so reluctantly I held back.

The boys could not contain their laughter but thankfully Katie heard them and stopped rubbing her boobs. She tried to readjust her dress again…

…but then she just passed out.

The three boys were now wondering what to do and I just hoped that since I had the camera, they wouldn’t be too bad but then the boys and I heard the beeping warning noise from the camera. I realised the battery was about to die and I would not be able to take anymore pictures! I fumbled around in the camera bag frantically searching for a replacement but could not find one.

The boys knew something was wrong with the camera and now that I couldn’t take pictures of them, they moved in.

One of them said “Did you hear that guys? Katie just asked us to check her pussy for sexual excitement. We should be nice and do as she asks.”

“She didn’t say anything! She’s out!” I said.

The other two backed up their friend with, “I heard her.” and “So did I.”

The first guy said, “Well, three against one.” He parted Katie’s legs and started rubbing and fingering her pussy.

I didn’t know what to do but then suddenly remembered that I might have another battery in the bottom of my backpack. I threw it to the ground and dug in. The boys saw me do this and started getting nervous.

One of the others said to the first guy, “Quick, it’s my turn to finger… err… check her for wetness.”

The first boy moved away from her smelling his fingers with a smile and the second boy started stroking her pussy while the third muttered something out loud about checking her nipples for stiffness then grabbed onto her tits and began squeezing and playing with them.

“Got it!” I said with jubilation as I made contact with the battery. The boys were nervously watching me struggle to put the new one in the camera while they were groping my friend’s unconscious body. I had just managed to get it in and turn the camera on when the three of them leapt up exclaiming, “Nope! She’s dry and not in violation of the College Code of Correctness!” and they moved away from her.

The College Code of Correctness?! Wait a minute! You three don’t even go to this college do you?!” Wait! Come back here!” I yelled, trying to ready my camera to get a picture of them.

They all grinned mischievously, running off before I could snap them.

Just then Katie stirred and woke up. I took a photo of her, hoping the flash would make her more alert.

“What just happened?” she asked.

“You nearly got a non-consensual-consensual rape from three boys who gate crashed the party!”

“Why do you always make up these stories when I’m drunk?”

Oh yeah?! This time I’ve got proof!” and I showed her the stills I had taken. I only wish I could have snapped the boys as she still thinks I made that part up just to shock her.

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12 thoughts on “My Friend Katie

    1. Abby

      Unfortunately for Katie, it looks like you’re right.

      Maybe you should retrospectively inspect her, Inspector. 🙂

  1. William Kazak

    I would not be so harsh with your beautiful friend Katie. Getting a little sunshine on the body is a healthy thing to do. Naps are fun and it is important to get some extra rest now and then too. When, with a very nice group in the sun, taking your clothes off in order to get some extra rays should be applauded. Katie is beautiful. You should just confiscate her clothes once and for all and let her enjoy her youth, always in the nude.

  2. FoedoGawatots

    I wanted to know what can workers a bee in entire’s moving spirit so that’s forth it not who could not offer an exact answer.

      1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

        I have been. Haven’t had anything there for ages. Are you sure you’ve been inboxing me?

        1. Picklepuss

          How strange! I certainly hope it was you, otherwise some innocent person may have received a very embarrassing message from yours truly…


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