My Friend Jewel

Hello once again! In case you don’t know, it’s me, Abby! I’ve told you about lots of my friends so far and the various dilemmas they’ve faced and this time, I just have to tell you about Jewel. Out of all my friends, she’s the most unconventional. There’s nothing wrong with that of course but I just don’t want her lifestyle choices to lead her into trouble.

Here she is.

Notice anything a little strange about her? Yep, she’s not wearing any clothes! The thing is, she absolutely hates wearing them!
When we first met, I just could not get my head around it. We got back to her dorm for the first time and she just started stripping off! I was taken aback and she didn’t seem to realise what the issue was. She just sat down on the floor and relaxed.

I tried to be subtle and gingerly raised the issue of clothing but she completely misread me and suddenly got excited asking if I wanted to see the new shoes she’d bought. Thinking I could get her to put something on, I told her I’d love to see them and to show me what she would wear them with. She ran to her cupboard, put them and sat back down asking if I liked them.

“What would you wear them with?” I asked again still trying to be subtle as I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She looked up at the ceiling trying to think almost as if it had never occurred to her to wear the shoes with an outfit.

She changed the subject and during the conversation, she told me she came from a naturist family and didn’t really find wearing clothes comfortable. She’d always felt natural being this way and really enjoyed attending the college because the dress code really suited her.

Now I began to understand her and over the months we developed a good friendship and I didn’t mind the fact that whenever she came to my dorm, the first thing she’d say is, “You don’t mind if I…”

I’d turn my back to shut the door and her dress would already be halfway up her torso. (It’s always amazed my how quickly she could get undressed!). In truth, I didn’t mind one bit.

“Terrific!” she’d exclaim and continued to undress.

Funny enough, she sometimes liked to keep her shoes on. We were both into shoes big time and she’d tell me about the day she bought the particular pair she was wearing.

These silver stilettos were one of my favourites and I loved to see her model them.

As she was such a nice friend, she said I could borrow them anytime I liked. I loved the transparent sole and asked her to put her leg up so I could see it better.

Anyway, enough about shoes! My point to all this is that I eventually got more and more used to her nudity when we were in her dorm or mine.

The problem is, she became more and more comfortable being nude in other situations. For instance, we visited one of our other friends Colin, in his dorm. He and I popped into the kitchenette to get some drinks for only a moment.  When we came back, Jewel was, well…

…in the process of removing her shorts. I was dumb struck that she felt okay being completely nude in front of Colin. (As you can imagine, Colin was surprised but quite happy.) I tried to discreetly say something but she wasn’t getting me, but she asked Colin if it was alright. He told her to make herself at home. So she did, relaxing on the rug.

I was still trying to be protective of Jewel and Colin was clearly excited by her. He kept trying to focus the conversation on her, asking if she worked out, if she liked to swim, etc. Eventually, conversation dried up and Jewel said she was board. Colin suddenly announced he had a brilliant idea.

“Let’s play twister!” he said.

I thought Jewel would see through his clear attempt to get her into all sorts of unladylike positions while she was naked but she didn’t.

“Yeah!! I love twister!” she exclaimed.

I leapt up inventing a good reason for us to leave IMMEDIATELY, got her dressed and dragged her out the dorm. She was a bit disappointed as she really wanted to play but I told her what Colin was up to.

Recently, I fear all this is getting worse. The other day we were in the park. and she was wearing a cute green outfit. In mid conversation she said, “Hang on a minute,” then went behind a bush. I followed her and saw…

We had quite a debate about why she should not strip off in a public park and in the end we both made a compromise and agreed she would at least keep either the top half or bottom half dressed. I argued to keep her bottom covered but lost that one.

My main issue is that I just don’t want people (like Colin) to try and take advantage of her. I’ve explained this and I think she’s getting it but every so often she has a relapse. Like the time we were playing ‘Hide and Seek’ in the woods and I found her like this.

What am I going to do with her?

Still, I guess I can’t complain because she does look cute naked.

[Images from Private School Jewel]

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  1. William Kazak

    Jewel looks like a very nice girl and she has a wonderful body. Let her be happy with it. She can show it to the whole world if she likes. I would not be bothered in the least if she did that. I wish I had a friend as nice as Jewel.


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