My Friend Bethany

Hello! It’s me Abby! It’s been a very long time since I’ve told you about some of the friends I have. Previously, I’ve told you about Ginger, Katie, Chloe and Jewel and their various predicaments. Today I’d like to tell you about my friend Bethany.
Unlike the others I’ve informed you of so far, Bethany is unique for the fact that she doesn’t yet attend this college. Upon hearing about the excellent facilities we have here and all the high grades the students get, she immediately wanted to transfer to us. I helped her do the application form and she was accepted. When her introductory materials arrived she had lots of questions for me. I had previously tried to explain the whole code of conduct and the dress code, even lending her my documentation but she was still trying to get her head around it. I was at her house helping her get prepared.

Bethany was in a jolly mood, “I’ve read though all the stuff and want to show you one of the things I’ve bought to go to college in. I think it’s the perfect outfit to conform to the code. What do you think?” she asked.

She came out of the closet wearing a white dress.


I was a little surprised, “…It’s see thru…?” I said, stating the obvious.

“Yes!” she exclaimed excitedly, “The inspectors can tell from miles away that I’m not breaking the rule about laying clothes!” She turned around letting me see the back.


“Well…,” I said trying to tactful, “I can see why you chose something like that.”

“Perfect isn’t it,” she said cheerfully.

I didn’t want to burst her bubble but I could see an issue and had to tell her the truth, “Well with your ample boobs and the way your nipples poke proudly through the sheer material, an inspector won’t have any difficulty seeing you don’t have anything underneath that but when you walk around or stand in certain ways, it’s not always clear that you are not wearing panties or a thong under the dress.”

Bethany started prancing about in different poses which proved my point.


She was a bit disappointed now, “Oww! I thought I had this perfect! And I really like this dress too. Are you sure I can’t get away with it?”

“The thing is, in the worst case scenario an inspector may have grounds to stop you to check you over. Once he’s close he may see that you’re not wearing underwear but he may then decide to see if you are sexually aroused. He may do this by first gently squeezing your breasts through your clothing and then testing the firmness of your nipples by lightly pinching them. He will accept some firmness but if he finds your nipples are too stiff and erect, he may think that you are turned on and warrant further investigation.”

Bethany was enwrapped by this. “What might he do next?” she asked with her eyes wide open.

“He may slide his hands all over your breasts letting them rest over your heart to check if your heart rate has increased due to arousal then he may slide his hands down your body and up between your legs placing his hands on your vagina checking you for wetness. Even if you are dry to the touch, that may not satisfy him. He may decide to part your pussy lips and slide a finger or two into your pussy to see if you are excessively wet. While he has his fingers inside you, he may decide to use his free hand to gently squeeze your clitoris as he will know as an experienced inspector that arousal in some girls can cause her clit to become a little firmer.
While all this is happening, you will have to force yourself to remain unaffected by his delicate touch on your clitoris and his fingers sliding in and out of your pussy and you must not get aroused and become wet. The inspector will be performing his duties as carefully as he can and is not trying to sexually stimulate you, simply checking for signs of arousal you may have had before he started to inspect you.”

Bethany was silent with an odd look on her face. I thought she was still dealing with the disappointment of her possibly not getting to wear the dress and I tried to reassure her, “It’s not a complete disaster. I think the main issue is the length. If you shorten it a bit, you could still wear it without any problems.”

“Great idea!” Bethany squealed and she scrunched the dress up about her waist. “This is perfect! Now I can also be really active in the dress and not worry about ripping it!” She kneeled on the floor demonstrating her point.


I was thinking that she had maybe pulled it up a little too much, “That’s quite high Bethany. I don’t want you to expose yourself to the male students when you’re being active in that dress.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “Let me try some yoga stretching in this and let me know.”




I had to be honest, “Yes, just a bit. And it rides up even more when doing that stretching. If I was a boy right behind you, I would have a great view of your round butt and cute pussy lips peeking out between your legs.”

“Oops!” Bethany said.

“Stand up and I’ll help you position it at the perfect length.”

She stood as asked and I knelt to get a better angle. While making the adjustments Bethany asked, “Abby, would an inspector really squeeze my clit to check how firm it is? I don’t think I could stand that. It would make me nearly orgasm…!”

“If the inspector decided it was necessary. But like I said, he will not be deliberately trying to make you cum, just simply seeing if you were already turned on…,” I was going to continue explaining when I spotted something which made realise what the strange expression she had earlier meant while I was telling her about inspections. “BETHANY!” I exclaimed.

8-bethany-sensual-seethrough-11“Sorry! I couldn’t help it! Everything you were saying about what an inspector might do to me was really getting to me,” she said trying to explain herself.


I couldn’t believe she had her girl juice leaking from her pussy clinging to her leg!

Still trying to excuse herself she said, “I have a very low sexual tolerance, it doesn’t take much to get me going.”

“I can see that!” I retorted. “You can’t go about the college like that!”

“What do you think I should do?” she asked.

I could only think of one thing, “I suggest you buy yourself a very powerful vibrator and use it every morning! And night! Then maybe you won’t be so easily turned on during the day.”

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    I wonder where can I find all the stories in this website. I mean I have to click on the “Older posts” every page to view the previous stories which is very inconvenient. Is there something like a catalogue?

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      I’ve been thinking about something like that for a while. I don’t know how to do it myself but will try to find out.

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