My Flight Home

Just a quickie to warn other girls heading home for the summer break. Campus is not the only place with inspectors. I went to the airport, and checked all my bags, then headed over to the security line. Huge delays since their machines were down. After two hours, I was still far back in the line. When other folks started to complain, one of the security agents said, “Listen folks, we know this is taking longer than usual, but patting down every person and visually inspecting every carry-on is going to take time, so unless you want to walk up here naked, just be patient.”

I realized I was going to miss my flight if I did not do something radical. The passengers were making things worse by complaining. The security folks would really inspect those complainers. I decided to just go for it. I mean it wasn’t the first time I’d be naked in public, right? I pulled over my dress and tossed it to the side and strolled up to the security checkpoint.With only my ticket in my hand, and heels on my feet.

The security guy said, “Sorry, Miss, but you’ll need to leave your shoes, too.”

That’s right. not even open toe heels would work. I kicked the heels to the side and handed him my ticket. He handed it back, then he proceeded to give me a pat down! I asked, “I thought being naked would mean I didn’t need a pat down.”Damn, I knew better than to complain, and two more security agents gave me a pat down, too. But I made it through security and hurried to my gate. The attendent was not pleased to see me rushing up as she was ready to close the jetway. She did take my ticket and told me to be early for my next flight. No sense in telling her about the security hold-up.

As I stepped on the airplane the stewardess said, “Oh, I’m sorry dear, but you cannot fly naked on this airlines.”

I told her what happened and how all my bags were checked. She smiled. “Sorry for all your troubles, but we have regulations to follow. If I allow you to fly naked, well, others will what to do the same. So here’s my blouse. You wear it. Then you’ll not be naked, but just bottomless. That is not against the regulations.”

I sat down still sliding on her blouse. Since she left her tits exposed, I decided I probably should do the same. Technically I was not nude, but I was also not just bottomless with the blouse wide open. She came walking by and proceeded to give the flight instructions as she was…

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