Minidress Relief (archives)

What a relief to be able to wear a dress again. Up until this week, the Panty Patrol has been relentless! It had gotten to the point where any girl who so much as dared to wear a top of any kind was stripped the minute she stepped outdoors. My tits have been aching to be covered for weeks. The only thing I could wear to cover myself was a miniskirt, and even then I was stripped naked a couple times.


Now, finally, the P.P. has eased up, and I can cover my boobs again. Here I am, wearing one of my favorite outfits. As you can see, it’s plenty long enough to cover me. If I sit with my legs apart, I can get a nice cool breeze between my legs, but hardly anyone can see my pussy because the dress covers it from just about any angle except directly between my legs. But it’s very rare that a person would happen to look directly between my legs, so I feel fairly nicely covered when I wear this dress.


Yes, we are relentless. We received a hot tip that a guy’s roommate’s girlfriend was flaunting the Dress Code and wearing a bra and panties. she bragged that she could go the week without ever getting caught.

Imagine if you will, what would happen to order and respect for the rules if we allowed someone to public flaunt their rebellion? Total ciaos. If she got away with it, every girl would try.

As it was, we apprehended several dozen violators. Most minor offenses of shirts being too long (typical). We did catch a group of women wearing panties, too. It is up to their hearing whether to believe they were really a visiting womens basketball team or not. Anyone can forge IDs, and wear the same outfits, and tall people hang with tall people.

We inspectors did our job this past couple of months. We think we found our girl… we just don’t know which one she was.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/11/2007 6:53 PM

2 thoughts on “Minidress Relief (archives)

  1. bobblushing18

    i love her dress and want to show myself while “appreciating “ her style and her superior attitude!! she smells sooo sweet?????

  2. Concerned Collegian

    The ‘panty patrol’ is not doing their job if they do not consentually rape her for wearing two bottoms. Panties are not the issue. That poor girl is going to have a sore pussy as well as sore boobs until she learns the intricacies of the code.


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