Melissa’s Mile High Adventure (archives)

“Due to the popularity of the work experience program, new rules have been implemented to manage the application lines. We believe these rules carry our college’s signature grace and fairness to all students. The lines are open from 7AM to 8AM Tuesday mornings. Two parallel lines will be formed, boys on the left, girls on the right. Boys will be admitted first, followed by the girls. Our female students should rest assured that they will not be forced to strip naked in order to take advantage of this program. However, we believe it is only fair that girls who elect to go bottomless be sent to the front of the line. “

“Who writes this stuff?” Melissa read the flyer aloud to Joanie as the two girls stood in line, naked from the waist down.

“It’s not so bad,” replied Joanie. “It looks like we might actually get in this time.”

“I hope there are some good jobs still aY-aw!” Melissa yelped as she felt a finger enter her asshole. Under the student dress code, girls are encouraged to wear unrevealing clothing by allowing any student to grope any exposed skin. Melissa turned to face her gooser.

“Hey, Chuck. What are you doing here? They took the boys’ line 45 minutes ago.”

“Yeah, I just got out.”

“Get anything good?”

“Just Bikini Inspector.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“No, seriously. The lifeguards at the community pool have had too many accidental exposures lately. I will be measuring nipple-to perimeter length, and ensuring that all holes are at a secure distance from the suite edge.”

“Good work if you can get it… Looks like we are next.”

“Well,” said Chuck while removing his finger from Melissa’s clitoris, which he had been massaging. “You appear to be dry, so I guess you are free to go in.”

“Thanks, Chuck – catch you later!”


The advisor peeked over his notes. “All we have left for this week are two stewardess positions and a lab assistant.

“Ooh – a lab assistant!” Melissa was intrigued.

“Yes. Thompson Dynamics is doing some exciting work. You would be helping out with…”

“Hey!” interrupted Joanie from the next desk. “You promised we would do something together.”

“Alright. I’ll take the stewardess position.” Melissa pouted.


A brief orientation class followed where Melissa and Joanie learned that they would only be assisting the true flight crew, who would remain in the rear of the plane unless there was an emergency. Their only real responsibility would be to ensure the customers were comfortable and calm, and to make sure there were enough drinks and snacks to satisfy all the passengers.

Melissa met Joanie in front of security the first day. “You know the scale?” asked Joanie as they waited.


“The 10 point scale that guys use to objectify us.”

“Oh, that.”

“Right. Well, they say that a stewardess uniform gives an immediate 2 point phase shift. A girl with no charm, a zero, becomes a 2 when she puts on a stewardess uniform. Likewise, an average girl, a 5, becomes an exceptional 7.”

“What if the girl is already a perfect 10?”

“She becomes a 12, of course. A goddess.”

Their uniforms consisted of a skirt that, when Melissa arched her back, would nearly cover her anus, and a sleeveless top that was long enough to cover her nipples and hang loosely off the curve of her tits. Under the dress code, Melissa was not permitted to wear the accompanying panties. Once she had left campus, she had purchased a long coat to keep her warm and modest. She had no luggage, so security would be a breeze.

“Please remove your shoes, Miss.”

“Of course” Melissa slipped out of her high-heels and placed them in a tray for x-raying.

“Isn’t there a special line for the flight crew?” she asked as she stepped through the metal detector.

Beep! Beep!

“Not at this airport, Miss. Please remove your coat and try again.”

Melissa paused. Her revealing uniform would certainly draw attention in the crowded security line. Still, she would have to lose the coat sooner or later. Reluctantly she shed her coat. The security officer smiled at her trim body, his mind racing with ideas of what he would like to do to her.

Beep! Beep!

“But I don’t have any metal on…”

“Hmm. Let’s try removing your shirt.”

“You… want me to take off my shirt?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Melissa was taken aback. A crowd was gathering on the other side of security. Better make this quick before she draws any more attention to herself. She swiftly pulled her top over her head, her tits bouncing in their newfound freedom, and placed it on the conveyer belt.

“OK, let’s get this over with”

Beep! Beep!

“Come on!”

“Miss, I am going to have to ask you to remove your skirt.”

Melissa looked nervously about, anxious eyes were everywhere. She pushed her skirt to the floor, mooning the security guard fantastically as she bent to pick up and place it on the conveyer belt.

“Thank you, Miss,” said the security guard as she stepped through the metal detector.

“What, no cavity search?”

“Maybe next time.”

She waited impatiently in line as the security crew took their time scanning her clothes. She nervously smirked at the traveler in front of her, but the gesture was lost on him – his eyes glued to her breasts. Her nipples hardened under the scrutiny. Finally her shoes emerged from the x-ray. She slipped them on quickly. Next came her top, which she snatched, followed by her skirt.

“Hey, where’s my coat?”

“Sorry, Miss. It must be stuck in the machine. You should really use a tray for these items.”

Melissa found an area beyond security that was not too crowded and got dressed. Without her coat, her lovely pussy lips were mostly on display, as was her asshole if she bent even slightly. While standing straight, the lower half of her firm ass nearly glowed from below its tantalizing curtain.

Joanie, who had passed through security without incident, was laughing from the corner. She was shorter than Melissa, so her skirt did a better job of attempting to cover her vagina, but her larger boobs were covered even less adequately than Melissa’s. Her laughing caused her nipples to bounce in and out of view.


Aboard the plane, Melissa was assigned to the first class cabin, while Joanie took coach. As the passengers boarded, the girls assisted them with placing their bags in the overhead bins. This forced them to reach up, and their tiny shirts would lift well over their breasts as they wrestled with the baggage.

Melissa was aware of the eyes on her as she pointed out the safety features of the plane. While pointing out the posted “Exit” placards, she felt a hand trace the curve of her rump, lifting her skirt, then a finger slide down between her butt cheeks, over her anus, and into her pussy, which was now warm and moist. She had difficulty containing her excitement as she advised those seated in the exit row of their responsibility.

At last, the plane took off. Melissa had joined the flight crew in the rear of the plane.

“Joanie,” asked the crew chief. “Did you load the cocktails pre-flight?”

“Shit, I forgot.”

“Uh, oh. This could get ugly in first class. Melissa, do whatever you have to do to keep them happy.”

“What do I do if they want a drink?”

“Pray they don’t.   Then be resourceful.”


Melissa pushed the beverage cart through the aisle, stumbling nervously on her heels as her legs, bare from ankle to ass, knocked together. She had better play up the charm.

“Would you care for a beverage, Sir?”

“Yes, my dear. A rum and Coke, please.”

Melissa gulped audibly.

“Actually, make it just a coke. I meed to drive once we land.”

“Of course, Sir.” That was close. She took stock of the remaining passengers. This was going to be tricky.


Back in coach, Joanie had a different problem. One of the passengers was getting excited. She could see his knuckles whiten as he gripped the arm rests of his seat. If he panicked, there could be chaos in the cabin. She weighed her options when a burst of turbulence shook the plane. He opened his mouth to scream. Joanie put her finger to his lips.

“It’s OK. We are just fine. That was just turbulence.”

“That was no turbulence… look at the wing, it’s about to come off!”

“What’s that about the wing?” came a call from the next row. Heads turned. She would need to nip this in the bud. The passenger was fumbling with his seat belt. Joanie pressed her hands into his lap, pushing him back into his seat.

“It will be OK” she cooed. “I promise”. She unzipped his fly. His eyes dilated to the changing circumstances. Joanie found his cock, already hard, gripped it firmly and pulled it from his pants. The row over, curious eyes peered.

“People are watching us.” She smiled and bounced his penis off her lips. She licked it from the base of his balls to the tip, then swallowed it whole. Her saliva now providing the lubrication , she worked his shaft with both hands while her tongue continued to explore the tip, buried in her pretty mouth.

The man settled in eventually, producing a load of cumwhich she swallowed eagerly. Whether it was the earth or the plane that moved, he could no longer tell.


Melissa’s luck was holding out as she hit the third row, but now whe was stumped. The young man was demanding a martini.

“Please,” she begged, her green eyes wide on her freckled face, her lower lip in a pretty pout. “Can’t I get you anything else?” She recognized his hands as the ones that had fingered her before takeoff. It was time she returned the favor.

“Anything…” she pleaded as she reached into his pants. He smiled as she caressed his penis until he splooged all over his business pants. Melissa smiled and gave him a wink. “Glad I could be of service” she teased and left for the back of the plane.

Joanie was waiting there.

“What a nightmare,” Joanie complained. “I had to jerk a guy off just to keep him from ordering a drink.”

“That’s your answer to everything,” teased Joanie.

“You’re one to talk. You still have a little cum on your lips, Sweetie.” Joanie batted her eye lashes innocently, then reached for a napkin. “I’d better get back out there” Melissa turned quickly and heard a Riiiiip as she stepped back into the aisle. She turned back to see her skirt hanging, caught in the door. She could hear Joanie belly-laughing on the other side as the door locked. Nowhere else to go, she began her trek back to first class. Her rear, now naked from her ankles to her shoulder blades, swayed with each step. Coach responded to the prime display of first-class ass with cat calls and fleeting open-palmed slaps on her ass.

A fellow was making his way back to the restroom. She paused for a moment to consider her options. Face to face? She imagined her near-naked body pressed up against his clothes, her face just inches from his. No – she turned away from the aisle and squeezed herself close to the seat. Her clean shaven pelvis rested against the seated passenger’s hand. In the aisle, the other passenger faced her and tried to squeeze past. Turbulence rocked the plane, and the lucky passenger’s crotch was pushed up against Melissa’s ass, while the seated passenger was treated to a face full of Melissa’s undercleavage.

Upon reaching the first class cabin, the guy she had serviced yelled “Hey, can I get a wet towel or something?”

“I’ll be right with you,” she responded with a wry smile, then proceeded to the next passenger.

“May I get you something to drink?”

“Just an orange juice, please”


“… and Vodka.”


“Or… I could just have what he had?”

Melissa rolled her eyes. She reached into his pants and produced his cock, this time being careful to slurp up the load as it came. After all, this fellow had not been so rude.

“How about you?” she addressed the man seated at the window.

“Oh, I would love a blow job, please.”

Nice. Direct. She leaned over the aisle passenger until she was suspended on the armrest, her face in the lap of the window passenger, her knees on the legs of the aisle passenger, her naked bottom in his face and her legs dangling in the aisle.

The passenger in seat 4A was left with a smile on his face and a ring of lipstick around the base of his shaft.

Withdrawing, her shirt snagged on the armrest and tore like tissue. Her rack was out. The jig was up. She was now naked, and the customers knew they could have sex in lue of drinks. Better make the most of it.

“Coffee, tea, or me?” she teased the last customer. He dropped his trousers and reclined. She straddled and slowly slid down his hard cock until her ass rested on his lap. He kissed her as they fucked, fingering her asshole and penetrating her deep on three fronts.


Melissa and Joanie greeted the passengers as they disembarked. Melissa still in the nude and Joanie with her tits popping out of her sexy little uniform. “How long until the return flight?” Melissa asked desperately.

“Not long – just a little over an hour.”

Melissa looked down at her spectacular nude form. “I don’t suppose there is a clothing store in this terminal?” she asked the pilot.

“Main lobby, just past security”

“Of course. I’d better get my ID.”

The two girls in the one stewardess uniform hurried out of the plane, down the crowded terminal, along the congested moving walkways, where they were practically pressed up against the traveling businessmen, and eventually out of security.

“Melissa, check out that line.” The line to re-enter the secure section of the airport stretched out the door. Also, at the nearby souvenir stand, the line at the register was prohibitively long.

“You know,” mused Joanie. “Back at the college you could get to the front of the line dressed the way you are.”

The girls got back in the security line. Eventually, it was their turn to pass through the metal detectors. “At least this time I don’t have anything more to take off.”

Beep! Beep!


“Miss, please step this way.”

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