Melissa and the Math Bee (archives)

“Melissa!” shouted Heather, to a torrent of “Shh”es. She had forgotten that she was in a library when she saw Melissa. They were on the third story, with an atrium opening through the second to the first. Melissa was a vision studying in the corner. She sat, her sexy legs crossed, in a comfortable reading chair. She was wearing a lime green sundress that nearly covered her hips, and matched her eyes while contrasting with her wavy red hair.

Hearing her name, Melissa looked up to see Heather. The tall brunette was captain of her cheer squad – and still wearing her uniform. “Shh” she urged her friend. “What is it?”

Heather pulled a desk chair over to Melissa’s lounge. “I just got the new course catalog” she whispered. “Have you seen it yet?”

“No… why?” Melissa was suddenly suspicious.

Heather bit her lower lip and her ice-blue eyes sparkled naughtily. “You are going to love this…” She reached into her backpack and produced the book. “Or, at least, I am.”

Melissa studied the cover while Heather failed to restrain her mounting glee. “What am I looking at?” she asked. The cover was of Founder’s Hall – a glass building on top of a hill overlooking the campus. Some students in the photo were entering or leaving through the main enterance. The cross country team was in the foreground, jogging past. Some of the jogging boys appeared to be distracted by something…

A wave of dread washed over Melissa. Heather’s tits bounced nicely as she fought back the laughter. “Oh, God, no…”

In the window of Founders Hall, clear as day now that she knew what to look for, was Melissa, completely naked and pressed up against the glass. Her tits squished against the glass forming white freckled circles. Her nipples were clearly displayed pressed back into her breasts. The window appeared to cut an hour-glass shaped cross section from her form, her shaved pussy flat against the pane. Her face was mashed to one side against the window, her eyes wide and her lips puckered to her distorted face.

Heather lost it, and the shushes resumed until she regained control.

“I remember this,” recalled Melissa. “Our professor had us taking a Math Bee.”

“What’s a Math Bee?”

“Just like a Spelling Bee, but we had to solve differential equations.”

“Ouch.” Heather was an archaeology major and was easily intimidated by Melissa’s heavy math and physical science load.

“If the boys got an equation wrong, there were out. If a girl got an equation wrong, she had to take off one item of clothing.”

“Sounds fair,” encouraged Heather.

“Well, I was wearing my cheerleader outfit that day, so once I lost my socks and shoes, I couldn’t afford any more mistakes. It was down to me, Robin, and a couple of the boys, and I swear the professor was throwing the boys easy ones.

“So, on my next turn, he hits me with a question off the Putnam exam.”

“Is that bad?”

“The worst. Most professors would get it wrong. Anyway, I lost my shirt to that one.”

“I can picture you now, all topless in front of the class in that little skirt.”

“Yeah, and the boys didn’t have to picture it. I could see their brains shutting down as the blood rushed to other parts of their bodies.”

“I bet!”

“Next, Robin lost her skirt.”

“Wow! She chose to go bottomless rather than reveal her tits?”

“I think she saw the same thing I did. The boys would not have a chance.”

“Ooo, you two are evil. Delicious!”

“So the prof asked them the circumference of a circle or some bullshit like that, and Robin chose that moment to drop the chalk.”

“Oh, shit!”

“She said ‘Clumsy me,’ with a finger on her lips, then bent down at the waist to pick it up, giving the boys a choice view of her pussy. They dropped like flies.”

“So it was just you, with your perky freckled tits out and Robin with her beautiful legs reaching up to that perfect, round ass! What a sight that must have been.”

“It was. Robin had on this Charlie Chaplin T-shirt, only it was way too small for her. It didn’t even come close to her belly button, and the picture of Charlie Chaplin’s face was all stretched out and distorted from her massive tits.”


“Now, Robin is really sharp, but I thought I had a pretty good chance of winning this thing. It was my turn next, and the prof hit me with another dozy from the Putnam.”

“Oh, no!”

“Yeah, well, he didn’t know that I just did a paper on that exact problem for another class.”

“So you won.”

“That’s the weird thing. I choked. I had it in the bag, but suddenly I couldn’t think straight.”

“Huh,” Heather was pensive.

“I lost my skirt, and was left standing there naked in front of the class with no more chances. The question went to Robin and she nailed it. I don’t even know what the next question was, I was so muddy-headed, and Robin won the Bee.”

“That is… strange. You don’t have any idea why you couldn’t concentrate?”

“None, and here’s the really weird thing. There I was, in front of the class without a stitch of clothing, trying to understand what had happened to me, when Chuck asks me to turn around.”

“You were wet?”

Melissa looked suspiciously at Heather”… Yes… How did you know?”

“Just a lucky guess.”

“…OK. Yes, I was moist. So Chuck turns me around in front of the class, presses my naked body up against the window and takes me from behind. I remember seeing the cross country team jog past the window, but I did not know they were taking the picture for the cover of the course catalog just then. How mortifying.”

Heather lifted the catalog off the table and scrutinized it. The glass revealed the wonderful textures of Melissa’s incredible body that one would normally only discover by touching her. “Oh, I don’t know. I think you look adorable with your face all pressed up against the glass. It is even hotter knowing there was a penis inside you at the time.”


“Yes… in fact. I think I might have an idea why your brain shut down in the middle of the Bee.”

“You do?”
“Sure.” Heather slid out of the chair and knelt before Melissa “Un-cross your legs.”

“Uh, why, Heath?” Melissa was starting to blush, causing her freckles to obscure to the reddening skin in the most endearing way.

“Just do it.”

Tentatively, Melissa un-crossed her legs. Heather moved her face up between Melissa’s knees. A thousand alarms went off in Melissa’s head. “This is wrong!” they all seemed to shout. She slammed her knees shut, pushing Heather’s face back.

“Come on, now,” pouted Heather. “No covering up.”

“Don’t you quote the code to me,” Melissa chided. “Besides, that doesn’t apply here.”

“Why not?” Heather rested her chin on Melissa’s bare knee. Her black, silky hair spilled down sensuously on Melissa’s leg.

“Well, because I am covered, and because you are… are…”

“A girl?” Heather suggested. “Now…” her lips twisted into an evil smirk. “Why should THAT matter? Here, I have an idea.”

Heather lifter Melissa up out of the chair. As a cheerleader, her toned body weighed almost nothing. Melissa yelped in surprise and the shushes started up again. Heather placed her down perched on the railing of the atrium. She then got up close between Melissa’s legs. “Here,” she grabbed Melissa’s hand by the wrist and guided it up under her sweater. Her breast was smooth and gently firm to Melissa’s touch. Melissa appeared to be choking back a squeal; every muscle in her pretty face was tensed. Heather leaned in close and licked Melissa’s lips, which she had pursed in an effort to escape. Then, something that had been bending in Melissa’s mind snapped in two – she over-rode all of the imaginary alarms and voices and kissed Heather back, hard. She tasted fantastic. The screams of protest from Melissa’s subconscious melded into the single voice of a choir. She withdrew her hand from Heathers breast and brought it down, lifting her tiny pleated skirt to squeeze her round, toned butt.

Heather withdrew slowly from the kiss and saw the smoldering look in Melissa’s eyes. She bent down at the waist, exposing her pussy and asshole to the library from under her tiny skirt, and lowered her head down between Melissa’s thighs. This time she did not fight it. She put her hands on the back of Heather’s head, her fingers twined in her silky black hair and gently pushed Heather’s face into her awaiting crotch. Her pussy trembled to the touch of Heather’s tongue, sliding past her lips to find her clitoris, where it gently rubbed and probed.

Melissa’s juices began to flow down Heather’s face, and appearantly she was not the only one. Heather’s pussy, presented prettily to the library, had reddened invitingly, and a handsome boy had stepped up to the invitation. He dropped his pants and began to thrust into Heather while watching Melissa intently. Melissa’s green eyes were wide as she chewed her lip, looking back at the boy.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! she thought to herself. Heather, Melissa, and the boy all struggled to remain quiet in their mini-orgy. Without warning Melissa’s body convulsed in ecstasy and she lurched backward into the atrium.

“Melissa!” shouted Heather, spitting Melissa’s cum into the abyss at the exclamation, and reached out to grab her by the collar of her lime-green sun dress. The fabric tore instantly, revealing Melissa’s amazing body to the void of the atrium and the students below. Melissa grasped desperately at the tatters of her clothes as she swung down, suspended by Heather’s grip on the other end and, transitively by the boy’s grip on Heather.

Melissa’s naked ass wiggled from a story up as she kicked her legs, swinging like Tarzan’s naked Jane across the atrium. Gasps were heard from below as students held their breath. She heard the shutter of a camera as she swung onto the plane of the second story.

“Shit.” She said to herself, nude and panting, breasts heaving, face down on the floor of the second story of the library. “I guess they got the cover of next semester’s catalog.”

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Love the story. This one just continues a trend of good ones.

Comment By Keith At 2/16/2010 9:06 AM

Our teacher often uses the spelling bee to motivate the students. Each time we’ve wrote a test, he ask who will participate into a game. most of the boys wo it, but ususally no girl, so he select two of them. about 12 boys and 2 girls take part. alternate he asks questions to the girls and the boys. Anybody may answer. If it is wrong, he or she has to strip one item. If no one answers, the whole group, boys or girls, must strip one item. When a naked boy gives a wrong answer, he is out and has to remain naked for the rest of the day. When a naked girl did it, she gets the choice to be raped consensually, or to carry on and be naked for the rest of the day. Normaly the girls vote for nakedness. But when her next answer is wrong again, she is raped at once by the boy who answers the next question. After that she must remain naked. I never got the experience that the boys lost. I think it is strong motivation for the girls to learn the subject matters and for the boys too.

Comment By lover_mystery At 2/18/2010 11:43 AM

Whoa, hey what happened to the spring break story? I don’t know about that other whiner, but I liked that one.

Comment By anon At 2/18/2010 10:45 PM

Thanks Anon. That one is still up, but it is pushed a little farther down the list. Just go to ‘List all’.

Comment By Sonic Screwdriver At 2/18/2010 11:26 PM

You haven’t put up anything new for a while. No pressure or anything, but I would like to know. Do you have any more Melissa stories in the pike? Also, I can’t find the Spring Break adventure either. Did they pull it down?

Comment By Keith At 2/19/2010 10:48 AM

So let me get this straight, Anon. If we say we don’t like CCC stories where someone pisses in a girl’s mouth, we’re whining? Fair enough. Just what sort of comments are acceptable to you?

Comment By Jethro Q. Walrustitty At 2/19/2010 6:03 PM

Sonic, yeah I can’t see it either, I just assumed you took it down, it would be pretty weird to me if Richard pulled it down cause it didn’t seem at all inconsistent with other stuff on this site to me, but I guess if that was the case it is his site after all tho I’m not personally thrilled. Mm, runonalicious.

Jethro…. Walrustitty? Really? K, whatevs. FYI, the kind of comments that are okay with me are the kind where you don’t say that a story is terrible and should go away (working from memory ’cause the story, y’know, went away) just b/c it doesn’t appeal to your personal taste. I’ve definitely read stuff on here that left me cold or that I just didn’t like much, but you know what I did then? I got the fuck on with my life w/out complaining, ’cause this is all free entertainment that somebody probably likes even if I don’t, and I’m not a goddamn whiner. See how that works?

Comment By anon At 2/19/2010 8:14 PM

I just logged off and double checked, and I see the story… It is way down the list, past the ‘Ashley’s Diary’ entries, wedged between ‘The Protest’ and ‘College Pool’. Let me know if you still don’t see it.

Comment By Sonic Screwdriver At 2/19/2010 10:42 PM

I do see. Criticism, no matter the intent nor how carefully phrased it might be, is ‘complaining’. Thanks for the clarification, Anon.

Comment By Jethro Q. Walrustitty At 2/20/2010 1:28 PM

in all the debate about the appropriateness of the Spring Break story, I never got an answer to my question. Do you have any more Melissa stories that are ready to be submitted, or is that it for a while? Again, no pressure, but I would like to know so I can gauge how often to check back. I like what I’ve seen so far, some parts more than others.

Comment By Keith At 2/20/2010 2:39 PM

Hi Keith, Sorry for not responding before. I have two more stories written on paper that need to be typed up. I will probably get to it next week. The first story deals with all of the previous stories from another perspective, so I am a little hesitant to post it, but the second story will suffer without it. I wrote all of those before posting the Spring Break story, and was laughably unaware of the controversy it would cause. I personally believe that the next story is much tamer than the spring break story, but I might run it by Grinch before I post it. So in short, maybe later next week?

Comment By Sonic Screwdriver At 2/21/2010 12:06 AM

Don’t want to rush you or anything, but your fans (which includes me) are waiting for more stories. . .

Comment By Keith At 3/2/2010 2:55 PM

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