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Mean Teacher

Dear Dean,

I’m writing this letter to report a teacher who was just plain mean. Let me tell you what happened. I was sitting in Taft Hall waiting for class to begin, when Mr. Derphy, our teacher, strode into the room, and threw his stuff down. He seemed mad. He yelled at us, especially the girls, for a long time about wearing too much clothing. He was saying that we were wearing shirts so long they were really dresses, and so they cover our bodies fully. He was going on and on about how unnecessary it is for us to wear underwear under a dress that covers us completely.

We’re not dumb, Dean. We know the Dress Code. We know enough not to wear panties under a short dress. But I was wearing a shirt, not a dress.

But that’s not what I’m complaining about. It gets worse. Mr. Derphy called me to the front of the room. He made me stand in front of the class to show them that my shirt covered my shorts completely. Then he made me take off my shorts, and he confiscated them.

I was mortified. My shirt was completely white, and translucent, so you could see my breasts through it, which is the way it was supposed to be worn. But now, without my shorts under it, you could see my ass crack, and even my pussy, just a little bit, through the shirt. I was so mad that my pussy was showing, and all the boys were looking at it, it was all I could do not to cry. I could feel myself getting sexually excited, too, which happens to me when I know boys are looking at my pussy. Finally, the teacher let me sit down.

By this time I was so hot and wet I couldn’t even put my legs together. The girl next to me stroked my wet pussy to calm me down, which helped quite a bit. The teacher started the class, and soon I almost forgot about my troubles with him.

Now, Dean, if this was all that happened, I wouldn’t be writing you. But this teacher did something else that was even meaner. About half way through the class, he stopped his lesson to tell us that girls should not be wearing bras. His reasoning was very simple. If a girl is wearing a see-through top, then clearly she intends to be seen. A bra would prevent that, so it should not be worn. On the other hand, if she is wearing an opaque top, then the bra doesn’t serve any function, so should not be worn. We’ve all heard the reasoning before, so we weren’t surprised by it.

But then he insisted that some of us girls prove to the class that we weren’t wearing a bra. He called on one girl who was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans, and made her come to the front of the room. She begged him not to have to take off her top, but he told her she had to. The only consession he made was to let her face away from the class when she took off her shirt. She turned her back to the class, and took off her top, showing us her bare back. The teacher walked all around her, and commented on the firmness of her nipples. I could see she was very embarrassed.

Then he called on me. He could already see right through my shirt, and it was obvious I wasn’t wearing a bra, but he insisted anyway. He made me take off my shirt, too, which wasn’t fair because I had nothing — I mean absolutely nothing — on under it, and so I would be naked. After I begged, he let me stand next to that other girl, with my back to the class, and strip.

I suppose that was better than nothing, so I took the offer.

I took off my shirt, and let it fall to the floor. My legs are thin, and my ass cheeks are very tight and round, so I wasn’t sure my asshole and pussy were fully covered from behind, but I tried to stand up straight and keep my cheeks together. Meanwhile Mr. Derphy is walking all around us, getting an eyeful of my pussy. He commented to the class that i was completely shaven, which I think was uncalled for. All this attention to my pussy made me very embarrassed, and this made me excited. To be embarrassed like this in public makes me very wet — I just can’t help it. Unfortunately, the teacher saw that, and told me I could separate my legs if that would make me more comfortable, considering how swollen my pussy was getting. He was right, I would have been more comfortable, but with my legs apart, I was afraid the class would see too much of me, so I declined.

Turned out, he wasn’t making a suggestion — it was an order. He told the girl next to me she had to stroke my bottom until I complied. She didn’t want to do it, but she had to. She stroked my bottom so gently, it really turned me on. I was afraid i would cum, so eventually I complied.

Then, it got much worse.

With my legs apart, and my pussy dripping wet, he made me bend over and pick up my shirt. I thought he was going to let me put it on, but instead he made me rip off a button.

I begged him. If I rip off one button, can I put it on after that? He said he would think about it, so I had some hope. I ripped off the top button, so the shirt would still cover my pussy when I put it on again.

But he didn’t let me put it on. He told the girl to keep rubbing my rump. She slipped her fingers between my cheeks and circled my asshole, and then she gently stroked the inner edge of my lips — only a girl would know how good that feels.

Finally the teacher told me his plan. He said I had to keep taking off buttons until I came. If all the buttons were off by the time I came, then he would let me put the shirt on again, but if there were any buttons still on the shirt, the girl who was fingering me would get to keep it, and I would have to leave the classroom naked. This encouraged the girl to touch me in an even more sexy way. Trembling, I pulled at the buttons, hoping to get them all off before I came. It was close, but I did it. With my legs far apart, and bent way forward, I managed to get all the buttons off my shirt before I came.

Wave after wave, my orgasm continued. I was vaguely aware of the class cheering.

When I recovered my composure, I found my tattered shirt, and put it on, as best as possible. I had to leave it wide open because it didn’t have any buttons. My only other choice was to tie its tails together, but that left me even more naked in a way, so I didn’t bother.

The class was over, and I wanted to leave, but I had one more indignity to struggle with.

Blocking the exit was a boy who had taken off his pants. He was saluting me. Without even saying a word, he raped me. He picked me up, and lowered me onto his staff. I had no choice but to wrap my legs around his body, and let him have his way with me. He cupped my ass with his strong hands, carressing my asshole with each push. It didn’t take long before he exploded inside me. I feel ashamed to say how much I enjoyed being raped.

That wasn’t the end of it, either. Two other boys raped me that day. One fucked me in the ass right after I left the room, and the other came in my vagina later in the day. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that I was able to get back to my dorm room to put on a skirt.

So could you please have a talk with Mr. Derphy, and ask him to be a little more consistent about whether a shirt is a shirt or whether it is a dress? If he would have just stuck to one definition or the other, then none of this would have happened to me.

Thank you.

Teresa Love

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I know very well what’s a dress and what’s a shirt. you read the Dress Code like you read your last assignment – poorly. A shirt would not cover your pelvic bone or tail bone. You described your top as a shirt, when it is much too long for a shirt. It was a dress.

You should be thanking me. Imagine what could happen if an inspector saw you wearing shorts under a dress? Out in the courtyard, a hundred times the number of the classroom are present.
Comment By Mr. Derphy At 10/8/2007 11:55 PM

Please report to my office just after office hours. Bring all your tops with you, and I will have you wear each in turn, and we will categorize them by shirt or dress.

Since the code forbids you from wearing or carrying more than a single top or dress, you will need to wear an item to the office, disrobe and return to your dorm room to retrieve another article. Please plan ahead to know how many items you have and the time it takes to make the round trip from my office to your dorm room. If needed, ask your room mate to help.
Comment By Mr. Derphy At 10/8/2007 11:59 PM

Jeez, OK so I fucked you in the ass, quit your complaining. If you’re going to break the rules by getting excited in public like that, I’m obligated to perform the ‘consensual rape’, and I’ve noticed some girls are less likely to reoffend if I choose to slide my huge cock into their assholes rather than their oh so wet pussies. It is all for the sake of the school. And for my own school spirit, of course…
Comment By boy At 2/29/2008 8:37 AM

i think the teacher wasn´t right to force the other girl to touch you in this way, but it is only a little carelessness and should not be a reason to make a report. But it´s your decision. The other thing ist tthat you get raped. The boy who did it was not only right, but also obligated in accord with the CCC. So cancel the report and be happy, that you will not be punished for slandering the teacher.
Comment By Jasmin At 5/5/2008 8:36 AM

the teacher was right. All what he did was within the rules of CCC and DC. But there is no need to worry to report a grievance. You will get a hearing, to which you must enter naked, where the judge may agree with you. But dont be sorry, if it isn´t so. It could happen, (i think it will happen) that they disagree and perhaps they may find that you made a frivolous Grievances. I´ve witnessed a hearing, based on a frivolous Grievances. The judge punished the slander, a cute girl. She was punished with public humiliation. She was tied up naked a whole day in the assembly. During this time a lot lot of students laughed at her and fondled her. I´ve heard, that the got excited most of the time, with the consequences, shown at the CCC. Today she is a very good student and will never be disrecpectful to any teacher.
Comment By lover_mystery At 9/26/2008 11:54 AM

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