Love in the Afternoon (archives)

Allison and Jessica are roommates. They knew each other since high school, and now they’re going to the College together. They never even saw each other naked until College, though. On the first day, when Allison had to change clothes, she decided it was silly to take her stuff into the bathroom to change, so she just stripped in front of Jessica. This did two things to Jessica. First, it turned her on — a lot. And second, it eased her mind, and freed her to strip in front of Allison. Soon the girls realized that similar discoveries were being made all up and down the hall — just about all the girls enjoyed stripping in front of each other, and it wasn’t long before the girls simply preferred wearing less and less clothing.


To be sure, not all the girls felt comfortable naked. Some wore panties out in the hallway. Robin is a little cutie who found she could share a pair of pajamas with her roommate. She wore the bottoms, even though they were a bit too big for her, and her roommate wore the top, even though it covered her only down to her belly button.


Allison and Jessica found they were most comfortable wearing t-shirts and panties. They found that if they didn’t wear panties, it was just too exciting for them, and their pussies would just get too wet. They liked to practice staying dry, for a couple of good reasons — one, girls are required to stay dry by the College Code of Conduct. Any girl who violates this rule is “asking for it” and can be raped, and there’s nothing she can do about it. In fact, rape is the specified punishment for any girl who lets her excitement show on campus. Secondly, if the girls can learn to stay dry under extreme conditions, then they will feel more comfortable without their panties on. They admire the other girls who never need to bother with panties, because they’ve learned to stay dry.


So the girls practice playing their game, kissing each other, and stroking each other’s inner thigh and butt. The one who cums first is the loser, and she has to strip as her punishment. Allison hated to lose, and she hated to be stripped. One of Allison’s main complaints is that Jessica never let her put her clothes back on again after she was stripped. She forced Allison to stay naked, sometimes for the whole rest of the day. “Don’t be so attached to your panties,” Jessica says to Allison. “They hardly cover any of your skin, so hardly anything is exposed when you take them off!”

Allison had to admit this was true, so she was able to think of herself as though she was wearing panties, even when she wasn’t. Actually, Jessica’s advice was rather helpful.


Allison lost the first round, but she’s determined to win. After she cums, she has a few minutes during which she’s pretty sure she won’t cum again, despite Jessica’s best moves.


Finally, Jessica cums, and so she has to strip, too. The girls told all their friends in the hall about this game, and they were very interested. But they had trouble understanding the rules, so they asked the girls if they would demonstrate the game for them. “Here? In front of everyone?” Allison wanted to know.

“Sure,” the girls said. But there were boys present. Some of the girls had their boyfriends over for a visit. The girls weren’t sure about performing in front of the boys, but eventually they were persuaded to give it a try.

It turned out to be the most fun Allison and Jessica had ever had. Making each other cum in front of an audience is a real turn-on.


Once both girls were naked, the fun really began. They played the game again and again, leaving their door open so people could pop in and watch if they wanted.


Even though Allison is the one giving head, above, her pussy is clearly in an excited state, making it hard for her to keep her legs together.


Jessica returns the favor.







What a lot of fun! Love in the afternoon.


I often help other girls learn to resist the advances of fondling. Seems those nasty inspectors do every trick in the book to get the girls wet and excited.

Kissing and fondling each other over and over will certainly lead us to be desensitized in those regions. Some girls go through a phase where the mere thought of a kissing or fondle will make them wet. This is to be expected, but I’ve learned by continued kissing and fondling sessions, some girls are better able to resist the sexual excitement stage.

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