Legacy Returns

And Johnny, here are the showers I’d love to have replicated in my new home.

Johnny looked at the stunning brunette standing naked in the showers with his eyes bulging along with his pants. Fortunately, his mother only realized he was looking at something more than just the showers. Upon seeing the striking co-ed and sorority sister, she said, “Oh dear, pardon us! I was just showing my son the shower stalls. I was hoping he could build one for my new house.”

Ariana Marie said, “Yes, I gathered that. These are great showers. Did you go to college here?”

The somewhat older woman said, “Yes, but that was a long time ago, and a far different place back then. But we’ll leave you alone to shower in private.”

Ariana Marie said, “Doubt that will happen. Lots of families helping to move in the sisters, and many legacies like yourself showing the place to their daughters. Gotta admit, having a legacy bringing her cute son around is a first for me. You’re both welcome to stay, and if you want to take a shower, just step right on in and join me.”

Ariana Marie’s relaxed exhibitionism came from a few years of living at the sorority and on-campus. She spent most of her freshman year naked in these very showers. Either cleaning the tiles or cleaning other sorority sisters. Since her sisters hated seeing clothing laying about, Ariana Marie often just crossed campus naked to spend time at the Sorority House.

More out of instinct from her days of washing other girls and then the days of having other girls wash her, Ariana Marie asked, “Sure neither of you wants to wash my back side?”

He clearly did want to help, but not so much with his mother standing right there.

Ariana Marie just kept the conversation going as she washed and rinsed.

When she went to wash her leg, she knew he was staring at her pussy. Not a big deal. She knew the pose she was in was giving him the opportunity to look. In fact, had he not looked, Ariana Marie might have thought it strange.

Now that she had his attention focused, she proceeded to wash her vagina as she continued to engage them into her conversation.

Ariana Marie mentioned how wonder the water flow was from the shower head, and how sometimes she forgets where she is at, like …

But back to reality. Ariana Marie wanted to show the legacy woman that the tricks passed down within the sorority were still present. How to keep clean shaven and how to not reach full climax until you were ready.

“See? Just water from the shower down here. Nothing more.”

And as you can see, even clean shaven back here, too!”

Ariana Marie finished her shower, and like many girls in the Sorority House, she never bothered with a towel.

4 thoughts on “Legacy Returns

  1. Anonymous

    That’s right… Your mother was once the one nude in public, getting consensually raped. That thought will ruin your day.

    1. Anonymous

      That doesn’t sound bad at all. She would raise her kids understanding the importance of the dress code, fondling, and consensual rape. She might make your sisters follow the rules at home as practice, or otherwise impose reasonable restrictions on what her kids are allowed to wear. And she would certainly be very amenable if you wanted to to naked or only in underwear or something.

      In fact there’s probably a photo album where you can see her dressing cheeky, during an inspection, or being consensuallt raped. Would be a fun activity for the family to see together (hopefully the mess isn’t too bad).


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